Madonna Allegedly Caused Ex-Hubby Sean Penn To Wish It Was Still 1985

Madonna may have re-ignited an old flame during her recent Staples Center concert. The calendar might have stated the date was October 11, 2012, but concert attendees claim Sean Penn appeared to wish it was still 1985. The former couple allegedly shared a few glances as Penn seemed to get all hot and bothered by his former love’s stage performance.

A source told Radar Online that the movie star was nearly panting ever time Madonna bent over or thrusted her body during the Staples Center performance. The “Material Girl” singer kept her show a lot cleaner than normal, perhaps because her 12-year-old son, Rocco, was also on stage performing as a back up dancer.

The source also had this to say during the Radar Online interview:

“He was like ‘Oh, Man! I can’t take this! She is too hot! At one point she stared Sean dead in the face, smiled, unzipped her pants, and mooned the crowd, but it was like she was mooning Sean. He laughed and clutched his chest like he was going to pass out. She was wearing a black lacey thong, and her butt looked perfect, so smooth and so tight … like a 20 year old’s.”

Rita Wilson, Tom Hanks’ wife, allegedly jokingly stated the evening was just like old times, to which Penn supposedly responded “you’re not kidding” as they watched Madonna dance around the stage.

After the “Like A Virgin” singer finished the Staples Center concert, Penn allegedly went back stage and “gushed” over his ex-wife. The Radar Online source also maintains Sean was seen going into Madonna’s trailer, presumably to catch up on old times. The couple exchanged vows in 1985, but the tumultuous marriage ended in 1989.