Killer Clowns Latest News: Nationwide Sightings, Arrests And Attacks Increase; Should Kids Be Clowns For Halloween?

In the creepy clown craze latest news updates, sightings of killer clowns have increased and are spreading across the nation. Reports of people dressed up as killer clowns have now been reported in nearly every state and the District of Columbia. Though there have been creepy clown or killer clown sightings in previous years, 2016 has proved to be epidemic with the first rash of sightings taking place in August in Greenville, South Carolina. By Sept. 2016, the New York Times reported that arrests had been made regarding killer clown sightings in multiple states including South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. While no one knew for sure what was causing the threats, everyone agreed the killer clown sightings were creepy.

At least nine people were arrested for posing as killer clowns in Alabama, according to a report by While there have been no arrests in Alaska, there were Facebook reports of creepy clown sightings posted as well as reported by the Juneau Empire. Though many killer clown sightings have taken place in the woods or near schools, two teenagers were arrested in Arizona for a string of robberies conducted while they wore clown masks. Reports of clown sightings in Arkansas shut down schools, according to a report on Twitter. Additionally, the Bentonville Police arrested two men for dressing like clowns and terrorizing people, reports 40/29

As California is one of the largest states in the nation, it might come as no surprise there have been multiple killer clown sightings. It’s becoming evident that those who are dressing like clowns in hopes of scaring others are finding that they are the ones becoming terrorized. Social media is sharing videos of people dressed as killer clowns being chased down and attacked.

While many who encounter a creepy clown initially respond with fear, many people are responding aggressively by trying to stop the clowns before they can attack or scare others. Gun shots have been fired, physical altercations have ensued and many people dressed as killer clowns have been chased down.

Exactly how many killer clowns spotted on deserted roads or filmed on video are genuine cases or staged for social media remains to be seen. The possibility that some of these sightings might be staged isn’t stopping authorities from taking them seriously. Whether staged or a real threat, no one is laughing at these killer clowns and fear is spreading across the nation. There are several Twitter accounts geared towards documenting creepy clown sightings and they have photos, tweets and videos from across the world. One reporter was sent on a wild chase looking for two killer clowns spotted by a 9-year-old boy in North Carolina. One clown was said to have a hammer, the other a knife. The clowns were never found and many believe it was a false report. Whether the reports are hoaxes or true doesn’t matter when it comes to precaution. Schools have shut down and police forces have responded to numerous calls nationwide regarding killer clown sightings.