'Jack Reacher: Never Go Back' After-Credits Scene: Is There A Scene Hidden At The End Of The Tom Cruise Action Movie?

Moviegoers who head out to see Jack Reacher: Never Go Back will want to know if there's an after-credits scene that makes it worth waiting through five or six minutes of credits on top of two hours of action.

The Tom Cruise thriller, the sequel to the popular 2012 movie, is opening after the end-of-summer lull and looking to draw in a big audience. It has a good chance to meet or top the original movie's domestic gross of $80 million, but with Jack Reacher 2 coming in with a running time of just under two hours, it's not clear if many of these viewers will bother waiting to the end of the credits to see if there's any scene hidden there.

For moviegoers who may not be up to date with the emerging industry trends, the after-credits scene has become something close to a staple for certain genres, including action movies. This scene -- also known as a stinger or credit cookie -- takes place after all the credits have finished rolling and all but the most dedicated moviegoers have already headed for the exits.

These scenes usually serve some kind of plot purpose, either wrapping up a lingering storyline or sometimes introducing a new element that will play a bigger role in subsequent sequels. The after-credits scene is especially popular among movie series, and comic book movies in particular, with Marvel creating its own formula of showing two separate after-credits scenes in its movies.

So, does Jack Reacher: Never Go Back have an after-credits scene?

According to Media Stinger, a site that compiles a list of after-credits scene, there is not. There will be nothing during the credits or after them -- but that doesn't mean the movie is devoid of spoilers about a potential Jack Reacher 3.

Even without an after-credits scene, there are still some potential spoilers in Jack Reacher: Never Go Back that could point toward more movies in the series. For one, critics noted that the Jack Reacher character undergoes some developments to make him more relatable, which follows along nicely with the Jack Reacher book series.

And a strong box office performance could set the stage for Paramount Studios to green-light another Jack Reacher movie, as critics have noted that the book on which this movie is based is considered among the weakest of the series.

The movie itself has gotten mostly mixed reviews, so if it can prove that it can make a winner even out of subpar source material, then Jack Reacher could be well on its way to becoming an action series.

There could be a large audience waiting to see if Jack Reacher: Never Go Back has an after-credits scene. As Variety noted, the first movie suffered some unfortunate timing that kept its box office numbers down, but the sequel has the potential to come out on top in its opening weekend.
"Paramount is backing 'Never Go Back,' which brings back Tom Cruise as the former army officer turned general bada**. It's eyeing an opening of roughly $19 million when it bows in 3,600 locations, an improvement on 'Jack Reacher's' $15 million debut four years ago. The first film was a modest hit, grossing $218.3 million globally on a $60 million budget. Its stateside debut suffered from tragic timing. It was released days after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, and the film's on-screen violence may have been a turnoff to a public still reeling from the murders of young children."
And while there isn't an after-credits scene in Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, there is at least one advantage for moviegoers -- they get a head start to toss the empty popcorn bags out and get out to their cars.

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