Netflix’s ‘Barry’ Release Date And Trailer, Plus Best Movies And Series Coming In November

Netflix original movies are often riveting, and Barry should be nothing short of that. President Barack Obama has been a captivating figure worldwide, and the new Netflix movie will show people a different side of The President. A new teaser trailer and release date have been revealed for the movie, and the official page describes Netflix’s Barry.

“A Young Barack Obama deals with race, culture and identity while finding his way as a New York City college student in this fact-inspired film.”

Southside with You, a movie about Michelle and Barack Obama’s first date, certainly delivered a hit, and Barry could very well do the same. Because he is so intriguing, people often want to learn more about the president, and Barry will certainly provide some new insight. Netflix audiences can look forward to Barry being released on December 16, 2016, and the teaser trailer below certainly builds anticipation.

In other Netflix news, some of the best movies and series are headed to the streaming channel in November. Many subscribers were disappointed with the titles that arrived in October, but they are sure to be pleased with the lineup that’s coming soon.

The African Queen

Co-starring Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn, this 1951 classic is often regarded as one of the best films of all-time. Longtime fans will enjoy revisiting this film, and newer generations could discover why this picture is so treasured. The African Queen arrives at Netflix on November 1.

best Netflix movies and series


Film adaptations of Stephen King’s work boomed in the ’80s: The Shining, Creepshow, Stand by Me, Silver Bullet, Cujo, and many others. Audiences were terrified of the rabid St. Bernard when this horror flick hit theaters, and Netflix viewers can sink their teeth into this film on November 1.

Norman Lear: Just Another Version of You

During the ’70s and ’80s, it was nearly impossible to watch television without seeing a Norman Lear show. His hits included All in the Family, Maude, The Jeffersons, Good Times, Sanford and Son, The Facts of Life, and the list goes on. This documentary focuses on the legend’s career and includes commentary from George Clooney, Rob Reiner, and many others. Norman Lear graces Netflix with his presence on November 1.


This comedy-drama starring Jonathan Pryce hits Netflix on November 2. Pryce plays a bakery owner who inadvertently drops marijuana in his dough, and the sales start flying high.

The Crown: Season 1

Netflix provides some of the best series on TV, so to speak, and this highly anticipated show is expected to make that list. The Crown debuts on the fourth of November, and it has been reported that it is the most expensive television series ever made.

The 100: Season 3

There is still time to binge-watch the first two seasons of this post-nuclear apocalyptic CW show before the third season arrives on November 16.

Burn After Reading

The Coen brothers have made some of the most popular films in modern history: The Big Lebowski, Fargo, No Country for Old Men, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Raising Arizona, and a litany of others. Burn after Reading is a delightful addition to their catalog, and the Washington D.C. based comedy arrives on November 16.

best Netflix movies series November

The Jungle Book

Disney fans will be delighted when the latest version of The Jungle Book arrives on November 29. Critics and fans alike loved this movie, and ReelViews explains why this is one of the best titles coming to Netflix in November.

“Without dissecting the merits of the 3-D version…I can say that The Jungle Book is a pleasure to watch. Favreau takes the time and effort to make the jungle into a vibrant, varied environment. More Impressively, the four-legged inhabitants are rendered so realistically it’s almost impossible to accept that they were (for the most part) created on computers using motion capture techniques.”


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With the original film Barry and a plethora of titles coming in November, Netflix continues to offer some of the best movies and series for audiences everywhere to enjoy.

[Featured Image by Andrew Harrer /Getty Images for Netflix]