Glenn Beck Endorsing Hillary Clinton: Conservative Moves Closer, Condemning Wikileaks

Glenn Beck, the conservative talk show host and former Republican icon, has moved closer to an endorsement of Hillary Clinton over the WikiLeaks releases.

According to Beck on his Blaze radio program one night before the third presidential debate, he cannot endorse what Wikileaks is doing to Hillary Clinton, stating that people “have a right to their own private thoughts.”

Glenn acknowledged that he’s not a fan of HRC but said no one should be celebrating the damning document leaks that show collusion between CNN journalists and Clinton’s campaign.

Glenn Beck also drew a distinction between what Edward Snowden did with whistleblowing and what Julian Assange is doing through the release of anti-Hillary documents.

For Beck, Snowden was pointing out constitutional violations on the part of the U.S. government, adding, “I’m not sure he went about doing it the right way, but I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.”

With WikiLeaks and Clinton, however, there were no constitutional violations.

“These were just private exchanges,” Glenn Beck added, noting that “none of this is lawbreaking.”

“This would be an act of war at any other time,” Beck said, referring to the probability that the Russians are behind the Wikileaks hack. “Do we really want to reach a point where we’re celebrating that?”

He also slapped at some Republicans, who celebrated the releases with comments like “Thank God for Wikileaks.”

“Do you look into people’s private secrets or not? And the answer is no,” Beck said.

Glenn Beck has fallen out of favor with many conservatives during the election cycle because, after supporting U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas throughout the primary, he refused to fall in behind Trump when it became apparent the real estate mogul would win the nomination.

He also lambasted Cruz in an interview after Cruz came out in support of Trump following his reluctance to do so at the Republican National Convention.

Glenn Beck has also been critical of Trump’s remarks from the now infamous 2005 “hot mic” tape in which Trump can be heard telling Access Hollywood reporter Billy Bush that he had grabbed women “by the p***y,” bragging that because he was famous, “they let you do it.”

On the same episode, Glenn Beck apologized to the American people for inadvertently contributing to the hopelessness rhetoric that has divided much of the media dialogue and, subsequently, the country.

Beck still thinks of himself as a conservative Christian talk show host, but some on the right have splintered with his views for his refusal to endorse Trump, charging that the way he demonizes Trump on-air amounts to an endorsement of Clinton.

There was recently widespread sharing via Twitter of a hoax that showed the Clinton Foundation had made payments to Glenn Beck.

Beck addressed those rumors on a recent broadcast, sarcastically admitting to being in cahoots with Clinton. With continued pushback against pro-Trump talking points, and now with the condemnation of Wikileaks for their targeting of Hillary Clinton, some are no longer sure it’s an act.

But what do you think about this line of thought, readers? Has the Trump opposition from Glenn Beck led to the candidate’s downfall in the polls, and was this by design? Is Glenn Beck secretly supporting Hillary Clinton for president? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Gage Skidmore/Flickr Creative Commons/Resized and Cropped/CC BY-SA 2.0]