Karena Virginia Photos: New Donald Trump Sexual Assault Accuser At Gloria Allred’s Press Conference Gets Facebook, Twitter Buzz [Video]

Karena Virginia is the name of Donald Trump’s latest sexual assault accuser. Karena joined Gloria Allred in a press conference on Thursday, October 20, to detail the sexual assault that Virginia claims she suffered at the hands of Trump.

Karena said that she met Trump at a 1998 U.S. Open tennis tournament in Flushing, Queens, in New York. Karena can be seen in videos and photos throughout this article, since she has a load of videos on YouTube regarding her yoga practice. Virginia’s claims against Trump have made social media outlets — including Facebook and Twitter — spark with buzz about her sexual assault claims.

Trump allegedly approached Karena when she was waiting for a car service. One reporter at Allred’s press conference asked Karena if she remembered the name of the car service. Virginia reported that she did not remember the name of the car service, seeing as though the event happened approximately 18 years ago. Karena said that Trump was standing with a few other men as she waited for a car.

Karena said she overheard Trump talking to the other men about her, as if she were a piece of meat — not a human being.

“Hey, look at this one. We haven’t seen her before. Look at those legs.”

Karena Virginia Photos: New Donald Trump Sexual Assault Accuser At Gloria Allred's Press Conference Gets Facebook, Twitter Buzz [Video] [Image by David Goldman/AP Images]

Karena reported that Trump’s alleged words about her made her feel as though she was an object rather than a person. That’s when Virginia claimed that Trump’s hand touched her breast. Karena said that she flinched at Trump’s touch, saying that his alleged move put her in a state of shock.

“Don’t you know who I am?”

Karena Virginia Photos: New Donald Trump Sexual Assault Accuser At Gloria Allred's Press Conference Gets Facebook, Twitter Buzz [Video]

Trump reportedly asked her that question, said Virginia, noting his words overheard from his 2005 Billy Bush leaked tape — ones in which Trump was heard stating that his celebrity gave him carte blanche to touch women.

“I felt intimidated and I felt powerless.”

As reported by Heavy, after Karena left the scene, fleeing from Trump’s presence, she felt ashamed that she was wearing a short dress and high heels. Karena claims that her interaction with Trump left her disinclined to wear short dresses and high heels.

It was something that Karena’s husband noticed about his wife when it came to her style of dress, years later. Karena’s husband also attended the press conference, but he did not speak. Karena said that after her alleged interaction with Trump, she struggled with what to wear to not attract unwanted attention.

Karena’s husband asked her why she didn’t enjoy dress shopping — and why Karena preferred longer dresses and always wore a shawl to cover herself. It was a style of dress that was difficult for Karena’s husband to understand.

Virginia said that she blamed herself for being violated, allegedly by Trump. But the day of the alleged sexual assault of Karena by Trump would not be her final day seeing the alleged billionaire. Karena reported that she saw Trump at a later date, with many people around them in a business setting.

Karena said Trump looked her up and down — but she was the one who still felt shame, later coupled with disgust.

“I had come to the realization that I was the victim and he had violated me when he groped me years earlier. I was not to blame.”

Karena said she realized that Trump’s alleged random moment of sexual pleasure came at her expense, saying that the 2005 interaction with Bush proved that Trump felt entitled to grab women.

Karena paraphrased Maya Angelou by saying, “Believe him.” It was a mantra often quoted by Oprah Winfrey — a big fan a Angelou — who often advised that when people show you who they are, believe them.

“He should be ashamed not only of his words but of his behavior towards so many women.”

Karena is a self-described yoga instructor, life coach and an advocate for peace. Virginia said she was 27 at the time of the alleged sexual assault by Trump.

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