Trump Puppet Denial At 3rd Debate: Donald’s ‘No Puppet, No Puppet’ Rejection Of Trump Putin Bromance Unconvincing At The Last Trump-Clinton Debate

The Donald Trump puppet denial at last night’s third and last presidential debate failed to convince anyone that the Trump-Putin bromance is on the wane. Maybe it would’ve been more convincing if Trump hadn’t spent the last year expressing his undying admiration for Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

“Well, that’s because he’d rather have a puppet for president in the United States.”

The various shocking and/or ridiculous moments of the entire Donald Trump campaign coalesced when, at last night’s debate, Trump replied to Hillary Clinton’s puppet accusation with the childlike “no puppet, no puppet… you’re the puppet.” After that, it wouldn’t have been surprising to hear Trump whine to the moderator, “She started it!”

Perhaps at that point, moderator Chris Wallace should have threatened to turn the debate around and take Donald Trump home. In that one instance, Trump’s petulance, limited intellectual capacity, and untrustworthiness were all presented undiluted to the American public.

From Russia with Strings

Throughout the Trump presidential campaign, the Republican nominee has frequently made clear his respect – bordering on obsession – for Vladimir Putin, who is the frequently shirtless leader of the United States’ principal adversary, former head of the KGB, and brutal Soviet-style dictator who suppresses the media while eliminating political opponents.

Graffiti depicting Russian President Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. Is Trump puppet of Putin?

Despite the fact that Donald Trump has denied having any connections to Russia or Vladimir Putin, this isn’t quite the case. As ABC News reported last month, Trump over the years has, through various means, received hundreds of millions of dollars from Russia and Putin.

Trump’s puppet-like praise of Putin has been deeply disturbing to both Democratic and Republican politicians, as well as national security and military experts. All of the things that Donald Trump seems to admire about Vladimir Putin are the same things that essentially make Putin a totalitarian dictator.

As reported by Fox News, the eagerness with which Trump supported Russia’s release (via WikiLeaks) of stolen emails is more evidence of this Trump Putin connection. It was virtually unprecedented for a United States politician to side with an adversarial foreign leader against American citizens during a presidential election campaign. People have been charged with treason for less.

Even worse, Paul Manafort — the former Trump campaign manager who still supports the campaign — was shown a few months ago to have very close ties with Putin’s Russia. In fact, this principle Trump advisor helped prop up Ukrainian pro-Russian puppet Viktor Yanukovych before Yanukovych was ousted. And there is a direct money trail between Manafort and the Kremlin.

And despite Donald Trump’s denial of any close relationship with Vladimir Putin, a Trump Putin tete-a-tete seems to be in the offing. Trump has announced that in the increasingly unlikely event he wins the election, he will visit Vladimir Putin even before he is inaugurated as president in January. If that doesn’t scream “puppet,” it’s hard to think what does.

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump

Puppet strings come in many different forms, and as the above makes clear, Vladimir Putin seems to have Donald Trump entangled in quite an array. It’s perhaps not surprising that a former KGB puppet master like Putin would be able to have Trump dancing to his tune. The Republican nominee appears to be what Russia’s Lenin called a “useful idiot.”

Having his own Donald Trump puppet sitting in the Oval Office would obviously benefit Putin in countless ways. For example, Trump would almost certainly let Putin have his way in Syria, the Crimea, and any number of other global hotspots.

Vladimir Putin’s presidential Trump puppet might even consider pulling the United States out of the NATO alliance. As reported by CBS News, Donald Trump has already suggested abandoning our allies. In essence, planting Trump in the White House might allow the Russians to reverse the outcome of the Cold War.

But there really isn’t too much cause for concern. Yes, Trump’s puppet debate gaffe will almost certainly result in endless “You’re the puppet” memes and “I’ve got no strings” YouTube video mashups. But one thing we almost certainly won’t see following the great Trump puppet debacle is a Donald Trump presidency.

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