Kenya Moore Slams Donald Trump Despite Connection To ‘Celebrity Apprentice’?

Kenya Moore may have been a big fan of Donald Trump a few years ago before he decided to get involved with the presidential election, but she's learning something new about the man who once gave her a chance to compete on Celebrity Apprentice. Of course, many of the housewives have competed on Celebrity Apprentice, and NeNe Leakes has continuously said that she's friends with Donald Trump and that he made her rich. But one has to wonder if these ladies will vote for him in a few weeks.

According to a new tweet, Kenya Moore seems to be quite disgusted with Trump over the latest comments in regards to sexual assaults. Even though Kenya may have been able to forgive some lies, she doesn't appreciate Donald's comments about how the nine women who have stepped forward to accuse him of assault are lying. During last night's episode, he revealed that their stories have been debunked, which doesn't sit well with Moore.

"WHO largely debunked 9 women and their testimony? "No one respects women more than I do?" Negro please you assaulted women YOU said you did," Kenya Moore wrote on Twitter during last night's episode, revealing that she's clearly not supporting anything that Trump is trying to say during the presidential debate last night.

But that wasn't the only thing that Moore had an issue with. Kenya also discussed how he was blaming Hillary Clinton for paying people to start fights at his rally, which was something that some followers truly believed was true.

"Oh lord now he's blaming Hillary Clinton on violence at his rallys and all the women who have come out against him. I'm done," Kenya Moore revealed, hinting that she's clearly not voting for Trump during the upcoming elections.


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"He's telling people the truth- it is caught on tape proof that the Chicago protests were paid for," one person wrote to Kenya, while another person added, "Wow! You seriously don't pay attention? It was shown on tape by her people that she was behind the rally attacks."

It is very rare that Kenya Moore talks about politics on her Twitter profile, but it sounds like her former friend's comments about women and the sexual abuse accusers have her heated. Kenya knows Donald personally because of Celebrity Apprentice, and she once wanted to impress him with her leadership skills, but these days it sounds like Moore doesn't care about impressing him. She would rather vote for Hillary it sounds like.

Some of her followers feel that Kenya is just upset with Trump because she didn't win her season of Celebrity Apprentice. While Moore was on the show, she clashed with Vivica A. Fox and was accused of stealing her co-star's phone and tweeting things about herself to make Fox look ridiculous. At the time, Donald didn't know what to make of the situation, but he didn't exactly believe Kenya Moore. She was later fired for her performance, not because of her dramatic behavior. But it doesn't sound like Kenya's comments have anything to do with her time on the show. It sounds like she's disgusted that he would say such things about the women who are accusing him of sexual assault.

What do you think of Kenya Moore's comments about Donald Trump? Are you surprised that she's being so vocal about her dislike for Trump, considering he gave her a chance to work on Celebrity Apprentice?

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