Hillary Clinton Health Issues: Stolen Garbage, Campaign Van May Hold Clues To ‘Medical Crisis’

Hillary Clinton has had years of health issues, dating all the way back to 1998 when she suffered what she called a “potentially fatal” blood clot. Since becoming the first female presidential nominee for a major political party in July, the health of the 68-year-old wife to former U.S. president Bill Clinton has constantly been scrutinized, especially after she stumbled and had to be helped to her van at a September 11 Commemoration Ceremony in Manhattan. Hillary Clinton is rumored to be suffering from several health issues, and Radar Online says proof of a medical crisis can be found in Clinton’s campaign van, as well as her stolen garbage.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has allegedly been trying to cover up Hillary Clinton’s health issues. A recent report by the Independent Journal Review claims that Clinton’s health has been an issue ever since she fainted, struck her head, and suffered a concussion in December, 2012, when she was alone at her home in Washington. At the time, Hillary Clinton was already being discussed as a potential presidential candidate for the 2016 election, but her health issues were blamed on simple dehydration and a stomach virus, according to the State Department. Hillary Clinton’s personal physician has even said that the Democratic presidential nominee is “healthy and fit to serve as President.”

Even after “wild speculation” about Hillary Clinton’s health issues, she has never released her medical records to the public, only a detailed health statement by her long-time doctor, Lisa Bardack, in July of 2015. The statement, that’s fully available to the public on the document sharing website, Scribd, says that Bardack has treated Hillary Clinton since 2001, and that Clinton only suffers from hypothyroidism and seasonal allergies. The short summary of Clinton’s health issues goes on to say that she takes thyroid medication, antihistamines, vitamins, and an anticoagulant to prevent another “potentially fatal” blood clot. Bardack ends Hillary Clinton’s health history by saying that she’s in “excellent physical condition” and “participates in a healthy lifestyle.”

A new exclusive report by Radar Online says that a “startling discovery” in Hillary Clinton’s trash may hold some clues to her “secret” health issues. According to the report, two reporters for the American gossip website allegedly stole Clinton’s garbage from right outside her home in Washington, D.C. — with Secret Service agents “kicked back in a van.” Several photos of what’s allegedly supposed to be Hillary Clinton’s trash, taken directly from the sidewalk, dispute the claim by Dr. Lisa Bardack that Clinton’s diet only consists of lean protein, fruits, and vegetables. Garbage taken out of a trash bag, allegedly belonging to Hillary Clinton, reveals surgical gloves, fast food wrappers, soda cans, and candy. Radar Online says that taking Hillary Clinton’s garbage was a breach of her security, but perfectly legal, and provides proof that Clinton is hiding serious health issues.

Critics of Radar Online’s so-called revelation about Hillary Clinton’s “secret medical crisis” are challenging the gossip site, saying that the trash could belong to anyone, and that latex surgical gloves are commonly used for a variety of household duties. But Radar Online says that further proof of Hillary Clinton’s health issues are revealed by what’s inside her campaign van. On Monday, a report shared that Hillary’s campaign van is equipped with a bed, along with an automated external defibrillator. New leaked emails from the Clinton campaign, dating back to April of 2015, allegedly confirm that Hillary Clinton uses her $60,000 van to find rest and relief from her health issues.

The Washington Examiner shared on Sunday that Hillary Clinton’s health issues have been considered a liability by the DNC for months. In emails leaked by the website WikiLeaks, chairman of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign John Podesta admitted that Clinton’s health issues were a “hypersensitive” topic, saying that her health should be “dealt with early,” so “we can control them,” rather than have to respond to calls for transparency. But Bill Clinton has even commented on Hillary’s health issues, saying that his wife does frequently faint because of dehydration, according to a Tuesday report on the San Diego Jewish World.

Health issues are generally considered a private matter, but Americans are still wondering if Hillary Clinton is really physically fit enough to handle the stressful job of being president. ABC News recently reported that Hillary Clinton took several days off from the campaign trail, allegedly to prepare for the third presidential debate, but some American voters speculate that Clinton may have been resting up for Wednesday night’s final debate, rather than mentally prepping. Rumors continue to swirl that Hillary Clinton could be suffering from several health issues, including Parkinson’s Disease, dementia, and even a brain injury from her 2012 fall. PJ Media published a complete list of Hillary’s real medical issues, dating back 18 years in chronological order, so voters can decide for themselves whether or not Hillary Clinton’s health threatens her “suitability for the presidency.”

[Featured Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]