Teresa Giudice Defends Melissa Gorga: ‘All That Matters Is That You Were There’

Teresa Giudice wants to focus on the positive things in her life, including her newfound friendship with her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, and her brother, Joe Gorga. It’s no secret that this family has dealt with some hardships, including not being able to trust one another, as these issues have played out on The Real Housewives of Orange County. But after Teresa was found guilty of fraud and sentenced to 13 months behind bars, Gorga and Joe stepped up to be there for her four daughters and her husband.

According to a new tweet, Teresa Giudice is now revealing that she’s very thankful that Melissa has been there for her, as it has been a rough time for her. Melissa knew that it would be tough for Teresa to say goodbye to her brother-in-law, as he was getting ready to serve over three and a half years behind bars. The morning he had to turn himself in, Melissa Gorga and her husband showed up at Teresa’s house to be there for her.

“U always have the BEST recaps! I agree w/u 100% abt all,” one person wrote to Melissa Gorga, while she replied, “that’s the truth. Wanted to clear that up.”

And that’s when Teresa Giudice joined the conversation, writing, “All that matters is that you were there Melissa, not what you wearing.”

It sounds like Melissa may have received some harsh criticism about what she was wearing when Teresa Giudice said goodbye to her husband. Giudice drove with him to the prison where they could say goodbye, and Gorga and her husband probably stayed behind to watch their daughters. Some people may have felt that Gorga’s clothing wasn’t appropriate for the day’s events, but Giudice explains that she didn’t really care as long as she was there.


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It was an emotional time for Teresa Giudice and her husband, as they shared one last hug outside of their home before getting into a car and driving up to Fort Dix. The Bravo cameras respected their last few hours together and they picked up filming again once Teresa Giudice was back at her home. But Melissa reveals that she was just as devastated by Joe going to prison as Teresa and her children were.

“I think we can all agree that last night’s episode was so raw and emotional. No matter how you look at the situation, it is heartbreaking to see a family go through something like this. Teresa and her girls are incredibly strong. I’m so happy that we were able to be there for them and have the kids spend time together with Joe Giudice before he went away,” Melissa has revealed in her blog for the Bravo show, sharing that her own son was completely shocked and saddened that Joe was going to prison.

Over the past couple of weeks, the theme on The Real Housewives of New Jersey has been forgiveness and the importance of family. And while Giudice has tried to keep a distance from Jacqueline Laurita and the drama, Teresa and her sister-in-law have been getting along quite well.

“This is why it is easy for us to forgive and move forward, because family is everything and we need each other. It’s not about whose team you are on. If you care about someone, you put aside your ego and reach out whether it is during their time of need or a time of joy. Friends come and go, but family is forever,” Gorga explained in her blog, according to Bravo.

What do you think of Teresa Giudice defending Gorga’s clothing choices on Twitter, saying that she’s just happy that she was there on that tough day?

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