Kathie Lee Gifford Drops Puppy On Television, Is Reportedly Devastated

Things usually get kooky on the fourth hour of Today with the giggling Kathie Lee Gifford and her co-host Hoda Kotb. However, a slip up by Gifford has left her an absolute “wreck.”

During Thursday’s episode of the Today show, Hoda and Kathie Lee had on a group of adoptable rescue dogs, which is a normal segment for their show. Unfortunately Kathie Lee Gifford got herself into a sticky situation with one excitable puppy. The segment turned into “slippery hour” when Gifford picked up one of the puppies, exclaiming “Oh, puppy need a bath-y,” before the anxious dog tumbled and fell out of her arms.

Kathie Lee Gifford’s partner in crime Hoda Kotb, clearly caught off guard by the tumble backed away from the scene, before saying, “Puppy took a nose dive-y.” The scene was capped by Kathie Lee Gifford looking absolutely horrified and apologizing profusely to the handlers and the skittish pup. She then picked the puppy up again in hopes to comfort the pooch that took a tumble out of her arms.

On Friday to follow up with the incident that happened with Gifford the day before, her colleagues called in to ask how she was doing after the on air mishap. Kathie Lee expressed her distress over the whole segment gone wrong, saying, “The puppy’s okay, but I’m a wreck! It’s very upsetting for me. I have three dogs of my own and I adore dogs.” Gifford continued, but not without joking about the situation, letting a few beats pass before jabbing at her co-host Kotb, “The problem is that the dog did not want to go home with Hoda.”

This isn’t the only mess up from Kathie Lee Gifford on Today. A more grave mistake came earlier in the year when she asked Martin Short how he and his wife kept their relationship going, having not checked that his wife had passed away.

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