Josh Brown Update: New York Giants Kicker Allegedly Admitted History Of Domestic Violence

Josh Brown, the veteran New York Giants kicker re-signed by his team despite allegations of domestic violence against his ex-wife, reportedly admitted to these crimes, among other shocking revelations from police documents released on Wednesday.

A report from ABC News cited police documents from a case filed by the King County Sheriff’s Office in Washington relating to his May 22, 2015, arrest. Brown was arrested on charges of fourth-degree domestic violence against his then-wife Molly, who accused him of physically abusing her more than 20 separate times over a span of several years.

Though the charges were eventually dropped, the backlash regarding Josh Brown’s offseason re-signing with the Giants was considerable, given the accusations against the 37-year-old kicker and recent domestic abuse cases involving NFL players, including those against former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice and ex-Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel.


The King County documents include entries from Brown’s journal, where he claimed he had “been a liar for most of (his) life,” and to have harbored an addiction to pornography. Most tellingly, he wrote in his journal that he had been “abusive to women” since he was seven-years-old, a decision he claims to have made after having been sexually molested around that age.

“I objectified women and never really worried about the pain and hurt I caused them.”

Also included in the documents are disturbing allegations that detail an incident that took place in May 2014. quoted the description of this purported case of domestic abuse, where Josh Brown had allegedly abused his then-wife after returning drunk from a bachelor party. This was an incident Molly Brown claims was witnessed by the couple’s young daughter.

“While they were sitting in bed with their backs against the headboard, but looking at each other talking, Josh jumped up on bed in a standing position over her, which scared Molly. Molly quickly scrambled out of bed to get away from Josh. Josh jumped out of the bed and came at Molly. Josh grabbed Molly and slammed her into a large mirror with a very large frame around it that they have hanging on their bedroom wall. The back of Molly’s head and left arm hit the side of the mirror and frame. Molly stated that this caused her a great deal of pain to her arm and head. Molly remembers being so scared that she screamed.”

Given the gravity and seriousness of what’s been claimed in the documents, one has to wonder if the journal entries and letters were really written by Josh Brown himself. According to King County Detective Robin Ostrum, Molly Brown identified the handwriting as belonging to her ex-husband, and all the handwriting on the journals looked to have been written by one person, using the same hand. Ostrum was also quoted by as saying Molly had provided her with more written admissions from Josh, plus photos backing up claims that he had physically abused her.

New York Giants kicker Josh Brown kicks a field goal against the Minnesota Vikings.
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The ABC report notes that it isn’t clear yet whether the Giants or the NFL, in general, had been made aware of Josh Brown’s alleged admissions of domestic abuse included in the police files. When he was re-signed to a two-year contract in August, Giants co-owner John Mara said in a statement that the team was “comfortable” with its decision to bring the controversial kicker back for another two years.

NFL players charged with domestic violence are normally required to serve a baseline six-game suspension for their first offense, though there may be variables that could make the suspension shorter or longer. Brown sat out the New York Giants’ season opener as part of a one-game suspension without pay for violating team policies on personal conduct.

Neither the Giants nor the NFL agreed to provide comment when pressed by media about the recently-released police documents and Josh Brown’s supposed admissions.

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