Demi Moore Reportedly ‘Not Psyched’ About Romance Between Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis

Demi Moore is reportedly not too happy about how quickly her former husband Ashton Kutcher has moved on with Mila Kunis.

Moore and Kutcher split up almost a year ago, but time hasn’t healed all wounds for Demi, The Huffington Post reported. As reports have come out that Ashton and Mila are moving their relationship very quickly and may even be thinking of marriage, Demi has been left feeling hurt.

“They’re really serious,” an insider told Us Weekly of the former co-stars. “She’s not psyched about Ashton and Mila.”

The insider added that some of the hurt stems from Demi Moore’s insecurities that she developed when married to the much-younger Kutcher.

“She was always insecure over the course of her marriage,” the source adds. “So yeah, it’s hurtful that he’s with someone he knew the whole time he was with her.”

Adding to the hurt is the fact that Ashton Kutcher found his way back to a longtime friend in Mila Kunis. The two starred in That 70’s Show, playing the dysfunctional couple Michael Kelso and Jackie Burkhart. Mila had admitted that she has always had a big crush on Ashton, who was actually her first kiss.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are in the midst of a drawn-out separation process after their marriage ended in shambles last November. Kutcher was alleged to have cheated with a 22-year-old woman on his and Moore’s sixth wedding anniversary, adding to other rumors of his infidelity.

Neither Demi Moore nor Ashton Kutcher have actually filed for divorce yet, and RadarOnline quotes sources who said their 2005 Kabbalah wedding was actually a symbolic ceremony and not a legal marriage.