Danney Williams DNA Test: Arkansas Man Claiming To Be Bill Clinton’s Son Demands Testing, But It’s Actually Been Done Already

Danney Williams is pushing for a DNA test that he says will prove that he is the illegitimate son of former President Bill Clinton — but it’s actually already been conducted.

For years, the mixed-race Arkansas man has claimed that he was fathered by Clinton, who at the time was the state’s governor. Danney’s mother, Bobbie Ann, was a prostitute working in Little Rock in the early 1980s and claims that she had a number of sexual encounters with Clinton. Bobbie Ann said she is sure that he is the father of her son as she claims to have had no other white clients at the time.

Although his claims have been around for more than 20 years, Danney Williams has once again gained prominence during the 2016 presidential campaign, with Bill Clinton’s wife, Hillary, winning the Democratic Party’s nomination and leading the polls to take the White House in November. As Williams has begun to give interviews to right-leaning news outlets and share his story, the 30-year-old is now making a new demand — that Bill Clinton submit DNA for testing or else end up in court.

As the Daily Mail reported, Williams said in a press conference just before the final presidential debate that he is planning to sue Bill Clinton and force the DNA test if the former president won’t comply on his own.

“I have compelling reasons to believe I am the son of former president Clinton,” Williams said. “I am simply seeking the truth. I respectfully request DNA from President Clinton to determine paternity. I have had no response to my requests, so today I have authorized my attorneys… to file a lawsuit in New York state to get… an order for a supervised test.”

But that has actually already been done. Back in the 1990s, a DNA test was conducted that seemingly settled the issue. As the watchdog group Accuracy in Media noted back in 1999, testing proved that Bill Clinton could not be the father of Danney Williams, but this was brushed aside by media outlets that were still pushing the story.

The outlet also noted that the paternity rumor had a sordid history.

“The claim by Bobbie Ann Williams that Clinton was the father of her son Danny had been spread by Robert McIntosh, a black Little Rock businessman, during the 1992 presidential campaign. It was not picked up by the national media, but the Globe, a supermarket tabloid that doesn’t have a reputation for accuracy, paid Williams for her story and ran it in February 1992, with a photo of Danny that showed a resemblance to Clinton.”

The previous DNA testing had been used from a sample of Clinton’s genetic material that was included in Kenneth Starr’s impeachment report, the Daily Mail noted. The sample, which came from a semen stain on Monica Lewinsky’s dress, was actually a matter of public record.

But Danney Williams and others have now raised questions about the accuracy of the previous DNA testing. Williams said at Wednesday’s press conference that he had been trying for years to get Bill Clinton to submit to new DNA testing and that he decided to stage a press conference just before the final presidential debate because he knew it would get the most attention and help put public pressure on Clinton to comply.

It is not clear if Danney Williams will get anywhere with his latest bid to obtain DNA testing from Bill Clinton. Neither Bill nor Hillary have acknowledged the Arkansas man’s plea for a response, and both have been doing their best to refuse to speak on any of the more shadowy conspiracy theories surrounding them.

[Featured Image by Danney Williams/Facebook]