June 28, 2017
Scott C Waring's 'UFO Sightings Daily' Website Is Closed Down, Is It A Conspiracy?

Scott C. Waring, who runs the hugely successful, UFO Sightings Daily website, has officially given notice. According to a post on his website, he will "still be around" on the site but will no longer be posting anything new in regard to UFOs or aliens. But, why has Waring stopped posting?

The Express originally broke the news by stating Waring had "axed" the UFO website. However, his post does state he will be present on the site and the website is still running today.

Waring states in his final post that the ridicule received in regard to those who believe in UFOs and aliens "happens less" now, but then also uses this reason as to why he has stopped updating his site.

"I think it's changed. It was educational before, it was enlightening before, it was even comforting somehow knowing the truth, but it seems to have taken a turn as entertainment. That was never my intention. This is serious stuff that has depths that even I can't fathom. It deserves serious thought and research, not contempt and ridicule."
Scott C. Waring originally started UFO Sightings Daily back in 2010 according to the Sun. The site was initially set up to delve into the mysteries of UFOs and the exploration into alien life forms. Waring stated in his closing post that the site was started with the "single intention of defending those who say they have seen UFOs."

UFO, alien, Scott C Waring, UFO Sightings Daily
[Image by UFO Daily Sightings]

Waring regularly posted images from NASA's live space shuttle cams to his UFO website that, according to him, proved the existence of alien life forms. When NASA was planning to close the live cams down, his asked followers of his website to email NASA in order to keep the cameras rolling. A post in 2014, titled "NASA Shuts Down ISS Cams Due To UFOs, March 2014, UFO Sighting News, @NASA @NASAKennedy," credits the huge email response from his website viewers as one of the reasons NASA decided to keep their space cams running.

Over the years, UFO Sightings Daily has posted many images they believe could be UFOs or proof of the existence of alien life forms. These images have included a suspected archway, a possible ancient tree stump, a crashed UFO, and a woman's body on Mars. Although, as the Express points out, many skeptics believe these images are a result of pareidolia, which is when the "brain tricks the eyes into seeing familiar objects or shapes such as faces or animals in textures or patterns like clouds or rock surfaces."

UFO, UFOs, Scott C Waring, UFO Sightings Daily, alien arch
Is this an alien arch or just pareidolia? [Image by NASA/UFO Sightings Daily]

Using this imagery, Scott C. Waring posted what he considered to be proof of the existence of aliens and UFOs. However, it wasn't just the NASA cams he used. As the Express pointed out in May of this year, Waring also used Google Earth maps to find evidence for UFOs on earth. While not a UFO, he did recently find an image that could suggest previously unidentified shipwrecks in shallow waters off the coast of Costa Verde, Mexico.

"You know me... always searching for the hidden mysteries of life," Waring wrote in regard to the image.

"Well today I stumbled upon something that's not a UFO, but is still absolutely amazing due to its size."
Scott C. Waring has always received criticism for his work. Nigel Watson, the author of the UFO Investigations Manual, released the following statement to the Express in regard to Waring's UFO website closure.
"I think he was genuinely trying to find and share UFO sightings and anomalies captured by the cameras of the International Space Station and other space vehicles, but the sheer quantity of his 'discoveries' undermined their quality. This has led to criticism and inevitably ridicule, and the sad fact is that the subject relies on sensation and entertainment rather than searching for genuine evidence or data."
Scott Brando, who runs a hoax-busting website, was happy about the closure of UFO Sightings Daily. Although, he did appear to take a dig at the conspiracy theorists that tend to flock to UFO and alien studies.
"Perhaps he has made a serious mistake and must disappear for a while? Or perhaps it's just a break or to test the reactions of his followers. But if this statement is true, the UFO Community will be better without him."
Scott C. Waring posted his last post on UFO Sightings Daily on May 12. So far, this is still his final post on the website.

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