Graphic Details: Florida Teen Died A ‘Gruesome’ Death In Shocking Neglect Case

A Florida teen is dead, and authorities say that his mother is responsible. WCTV News reports that 50-year-old Sabrina Robinson faces charges after her 17-year-old son died a reportedly “gruesome” death in her home. The details surrounding this tragic case are shocking, and have attracted the disgust of Havana locals, as well as folks on social media.

Police say that 17-year-old Javontez Thomas was found dead in his bedroom on Monday. The Florida teen appeared to have been extremely malnourished at the time of his death. Police say that the young man only weighed a horrifying 45 pounds. Sgt. Angie Hightower with the Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office has referred to the scene of the crime as “horrific.”

“Forty-five pounds. My grandchild weighs more than that, and he is nine. No way. The biggest thing on his body was his head. Where he laid with that side of his face against a bed, a mattress that was filthy with urine and feces and maggots on it. The skin was rotting.”

Hightower was describing the condition of the room in which 17-year-old Javontez’s body was found. His malnourished body was reportedly found on a mattress in the room. He was laying on his side. The details get worse. Police say that the mother of the Florida teen had left him in the home, by himself, for an unspecified length of time. She says that she had left to go to work, and then returned. They reveal that the 17-year-old boy had been dead for approximately three days by the time 50-year-old Sabrina Robinson had reported his death. Instead of calling for help immediately, she reportedly called her boyfriend over to the residence. Police say that it was he who ultimately called 911.

This isn’t the first time such a horrifying case made media headlines. Earlier this year, a California mom was charged with murder after her 11-year-old son died by alleged neglect. KTLA News reports that 39-year-old Veronica Aguilar is accused of severely neglecting her son to the point that he died of extreme malnutrition. He was found in a closet in the family residence, wrapped in a blanket. If convicted, Aguilar could serve 15 years in prison.

Also this year, another 17-year-old teen was found to be incredibly malnourished while in the care of his parents. ABC News reports that the teen, who has autism, was near the point of death when he was removed from the home of his mother and father. The Colorado couple arrested in this case admit that the teen lived off junk-food and soft drinks, which may have led to his severe case of malnutrition. Fortunately, the teen in this particular case did not die, but he is in severe need of long-term hospitalization.

In August, a seven-year-old girl died in West Virginia of malnutrition. WNCN News reports that the little girl was from North Carolina, and had been visiting family at the time of her tragic death. Police acknowledged at the time that charges would be filed against family members in North Carolina — which appeared to be where the alleged neglect had taken place.

As for this latest case, police have revealed that multiple people lived in the home where the Florida teen’s body was found. At this time, it’s unknown if any charges may be filed against the other adults in the residence. In the meantime, the teen’s mother has been charged in association with his horrifying death.

[Featured Image via Gadsden County Sheriff]