October 28, 2016
'Pokemon Sun' And 'Moon': Types For All The Leaked Pokemon Poll Gone Viral! [SPOILERS]

Thanks to hackers who dug into the code of the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo released on Tuesday, a ton of never-before-seen Pokemon have been leaked. Their typings remain a mystery, but a viral online poll has revealed what the typings may in fact be.


Unless you've been shut off completely to Pokemon news over the past few days, you probably know about the data mining leak. The hackers who dug into the demo files uncovered lots of Pokemon Sun and Moon information. This includes major plot spoilers, new game mechanics, and, perhaps most interesting, the images of many new Pokemon. The Inquisitr previously reported that it is being heavily disputed whether the 75-odd new Pokemon (including Alola forms of old Pokemon) that were data mined comprise the entire Alola Pokedex or only a portion of it.

After the shock of seeing all these new Pokemon wore off, the first question on Pokefans' minds was what the typings of the new Pokemon would be. Well, if the current US presidential race has taught us anything, it is that free democracy really does allow the cream to rise to the top. Abiding by this noble philosophy, a Reddit user named BLourenco set up an internet poll that would allow Pokemon fans to cast their votes for what the types of each leaked Pokemon would be.

The poll quickly went viral, gathering a huge amount of responses from Pokemon fans worldwide. It has only been online for 18 hours, in fact, and already over 2,500 people have voted. With those kinds of numbers, there really is a pretty good chance that the common consensus is spot-on, assuming Gamefreak does not decide to go with a typing that does not match the Pokemon's design at all.

The first three Pokemon that were voted on were the final evolutions of the three starters, all of which matched the Chinese Leak discussed in depth by the Inquisitr.

The predicted typings for Rowlet's evolution, an avian archer wearing a cloak made of leaves, are overwhelmingly in favor of grass and flying. Dark and fighting typings also got a few votes, likely because of the hooded archer theme.

Dark and fire typings were by far the most popular guesses for Litten's evo, a bipedal fire cat Pokemon who looks like a mean wrestler. Fighting typing also received a substantial number of votes. Fighting/fire may have been an even more popular choice, given the Pokemon's appearance, were that type combination not already a bit played out in terms of the starters from main series Pokemon games. Instead, fans chose to pay attention to the fact that the Pokemon looks mean-spirited and voted for the dark typing instead.

Popplio, the water starter of Pokemon Sun and Moon, evolves into a cross between a mermaid, a siren, and a circus seal. The evolution sports predominantly blue and pink features and projects an overall feminine vibe, two of the probable reasons why water and fairy typings were by far the most popular guesses for the Pokemon. Ice and psychic typings were also thrown around, but only a little.

The projected dual-typings for all three starter Pokemon evolutions were not unexpected based on the speculations from Pokemon forums over the past few months. No big surprises there.

Next up are the two evolutions of Pikipek, the woodpecker-inspired Pokemon. Interestingly, the woodpecker theme does not continue as Pikipek evolves, transitioning instead to a toucan-inspired design. Almost all the voters decided the middle form would be a normal/flying Pokemon, as the "route one birds" of each Pokemon generation are wont to be. A few Pokemon fans thought the final evolution might be steel/flying, although almost all voters elected that the toucan Pokemon would be normal/flying as well. The steel/flying contingent is likely because of the whole "woodpecker Pokemon" idea indicating a drill bit, which is made from steel.

The next data mined Pokemon is Crabrawler's evolution, a Pokemon that Reddit user SansDunkateer claims is based off a yeti crab, an animal that lives in very cold climates. The Pokemon has very big claws that look like boxing gloves. Because of the design's cold-weather and boxing aspects and because it would be a totally new dual typing, the vast majority voted it would be an ice/fighting type Pokemon. Water typing also got a few hundred votes, because how likely really is an ice crab Pokemon to live in tropical Alola?
The next two were a pair of Pokemon not revealed before the data mine that both resemble some kind of purple and blue alien anemone. The first of the two, which presumably evolves into the other, was technically seen when its image appeared on a Pokemon Trading Card Game's box art, an incident reported several days ago by Nintendo News. Both forms were voted to be water/poison type, and the runners-up were steel, rock, and fairy.
After those two came another two-stage line of completely new Pokemon that look to be based off spiders. They both sport water droplets encasing various parts of their bodies. Based on appearance, it is no huge surprise that the two Pokemon were both predicted to be bug and water types. The vote was not quite so cut-and-dry as some of the other data mined Pokemon, though, as a lot of people thought the two might be partly electric, psychic, or dark.
Morelull is an already-revealed grass/fairy Pokemon. Most voters thought its evolution, who Pokemon fans on GameFAQs agree looks very creepy, would retain the same typing. Poison type saw some votes too, though. How cool would a poison/fairy Pokemon be?
Some people thought Salandit's evolution might take on dark or dragon typing, but many more thought it would retain Salandit's unique poison/fire typing.

Like the spider Pokemon mentioned above, most people guessed Wimpod's evolution would keep the water-bug typing from its pre-evolution. A good amount of Pokemon fans thought the evolution, who stands on two legs and looks to be based off a samurai, might become partially fighting type.

Next was yet another never-before-seen Pokemon that looks like a ghostly anchor sundial. Honestly, the design is so untraditional, even by Pokemon standards, that it is impossible to describe. The top two typings for it were water and ghost, but steel got almost as many votes as they did.
One might think the voting for the guardian Pokemon would be fairly clear-cut. After all, the four guardians, one for each island of Alola, come in four different colors, and those colors happen to be the same as the four forms of Oricorio, a bird Pokemon whose color and typing differs depending on which island it is from. Some Pokemon fans on Reddit have been reasoning that the four forms of Oricorio, each of which has already had its typing announced, would correspond to the typings of the four guardians.

Going by this theory, the red guardian would be fire/fairy type because the red form of Oricorio is fire/flying. The pink guardian Pokemon would be psychic/fairy; the pink Oricorio is psychic/flying. The purple guardian would be ghost/fairy, because the purple Oricorio is ghost/flying. Tapu Koko, the already-announced yellow guardian, is known to be electric/fairy and, sure enough, the yellow Oricorio is electric/flying.

Shockingly, though, the predicted typings for the guardian Pokemon were very mixed. The typings the Oricorio theory suggests did win out in the end, but a very high percentage of people thought the red guardian might be partially fighting type and an almost equally high number of people thought the purple guardian would be partly water type.

Finally, we come to Marshadow, the third legendary of generation seven that Pokemon fans have been talking about for the better part of 2016. The winning typings for the Pokemon were dark and ghost, although fairy came in a close third. Marshadow's typing guesses were quite split, though, even apart from the top three. Fire, psychic, and, oddly, normal typings saw a lot of votes, as well.
If you haven't yet, head over to the poll itself and cast your votes!

And as always, Train On, Pokemon fans.

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