‘Homeland’ Season 6: Claire Danes Talks About Carrie, New Cast And Spoilers

Homeland Season 6 is taking us to New York where Carrie has started a new life and Quinn’s fate hangs in the balance.

The new season premieres on January 15, 2017, and Claire Danes gives us some insight into her character and what we can expect in Homeland Season 6.

Last season of Homeland, despite not committing to the CIA, her skills and natural instincts led to her preventing a terrorist attack in Berlin. Carrie also seemed to consider pulling the plug on Quinn and her boss Otto wants to marry her.

Homeland Season 6 spoilers reveal that Carrie is raising her daughter in New York and Quinn is alive but won’t be the same.

Claire Danes reveals that Carrie’s bipolar disorder will be controlled with medication in the upcoming series and she is dealing with the guilt of the past. In an Entertainment Weekly interview, Claire said the following about her character:

“She’s stateside; she’s living with her daughter. This idea of atonement is still playing. She’s accrued a lot of guilt over the years and she’s still wrestling with that. She’s on her meds! She’s probably mentally capable.”

Homeland will continue to deal with real social and political issues in Season 6. There will be a female president, however, the character is not modeled after any particular candidate in the ongoing Presidential elections.

Carrie is expected to seek atonement for her actions as a CIA operative by working with Muslim Americans who have been discriminated against by law enforcement. It is through this work that Carrie is expected to work closely with Saul in a similar fashion as the last season.

Carrie will not officially join the CIA. However, while investigating some suspicious activity she will have no choice but to collaborate with her former agency.

While Carrie and Saul have proven to care for each other, they will continue to have issues in their relationship due to Saul’s loyalty to the CIA while Carrie struggles with the morality of some of the operational decisions she has made.

Since Carrie is returning to the US in Homeland Season 6, showrunner Alex Gansa told EW that we can expect to see some cast members from the past, possibly the Brody family.

“There will definitely be some cameos from characters from past seasons. Whether they are the Brody family I’m not going to say, but we are back in the United States,” Gansa teases. “It’s going to be Carrie’s first time back in the country for a long period of time in years and she’s going to have old acquaintances to reconnect with and establish a new life for herself, so we’re going to see some familiar faces.”

One of the big themes expected in Homeland Season 6 is Carrie and Quinn. Peter Quinn is going to be in very bad shape, actor Rupert Friend joked that his character will be eating out of a tube when quizzed about the upcoming season.

Carrie and Quinn are drawn to each other and their relationship will be explored further. It is unclear whether Quinn will still be in the CIA or if he will return to active duty after his recovery.

Homeland has not shied away from killing off major characters. Despite his confirmed return, some fans suspect Peter Quinn will die in Season 6.

Alex Gansa teased Carrie and Quinn’s relationship ahead of Homeland Season 6.

“Whether that means they’re compatible romantically, that’s another issue entirely. Quinn really put his life in her hands at the end of last season and we will see what decision she made, but that’s going to have repercussions moving forward for her and for that idea of Quinn as well.”

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