Octomom Under Investigation For Allegedly Allowing The Sexual Abuse Of Her Younger Children

Octomom, Nadya Suleman, is under investigation for allegedly allowing her older children to sexually and physically abuse the octuplets. Suleman’s former nannies claim that the toddlers have had bruises and black eyes, yet their mother has done nothing to stop the alleged child abuse.

The nannies initially did not voice their sexual abuse claims due to a non-disclosure agreement in their work contract. As the alleged violent actions supposedly escalated, the nannies placed notes in neighbor’s mail boxes begging them to ask Child Protective Services to investigate the goings-on inside Octomom’s La Habra home, Radar Online reports.

One of the nannies had this to say during an interview with CBS2 News:

“I feel like those children are in danger. I think something is going to happen to those children if nothing is done.”

Physical and sexual abuse claims uttered by the nannies include one of the older boys inappropriately touching his younger female sibling. The child allegedly led his sister to another room and touched her in a sexual manner. The nanny maintains that she told Nadya Suleman about the incident, but the mother reportedly did not take any action.

The unnamed nannies also told CBS2 News that the octuplets were strapped to their beds with cheese cloth and Suleman secured the door closed with a chair, so she would not be interrupted while napping. The Octomom has denied the child, sexual, and physical abuse claims, which so far, have only informally been levied against her.

La Habra police officers questioned at least one of the nannies during the course of their child abuse allegations investigation. A completed report is slated to be sent to the Orange County District Attorney’s office in the next few days.