Christine O’Donnell Releases Anti-Obama Rap Video: Watch

Controversial political activist Christine O’Donnell has released an anti-Obama rap video that focuses on the president’s dismal economic record.

The “Six Trillion Dollar Man” video is performed by Justen Charters, produced by Troublemaker Media, and funded by O’Donnell’s PAC (political action committee). The Daily Caller notes that “one of the claims the video makes is that millennials have been hit worse by the recession than any other age group, and that Obama’s policies are destroying their financial future.” The Daily Caller cites Bureau of Labor Statistics data indicating that nearly 40 percent of millennials (i.e., those born after 1980) are currently either underemployed or jobless.

The rap video opens with the following lyrics:

He’s the 6 trillion dollar man
Hope and change, it was a scam
Every baby born, owing 50 Grand
To Uncle Sam
You didn’t build that, You didn’t build that
That’s Obama Style
You didn’t build that, You didn’t build that
That’s Obama Style
6 trillion dollar man
Doesn’t have a budget plan
Basic economics, is something he doesn’t understand

Tea Party favorite Christine O’Donnell (“I am not a witch”) defeated career politician Michael Castle in the September 2010 Delaware Republican primary for US Senate but then lost by 17 points to Democrat Chris Coons in the November 2010 general election. The vacancy was created by Joe Biden’s election as vice president.

O’Donnell formed ChristinePAC in December 2010 to address healthcare and tax issues and to “vigorously pursue issue-activism to empower citizen activists for all levels of government.”

Watch the anti-Obama rap video funded by ChristinePAC: