It Isn’t Ogre Yet! ‘Shrek 5’ Poised To Deliver Laughs In 2019 – Things We Want To See

The witty and lovable ogre will be back on the big screen, and Dreamworks just made a significant progress. It has been confirmed that Michael McCullers, famed for his work in Austin Powers, will help develop the storyline of Shrek 5, which has no verified title yet.

It’s safe to anticipate that Shrek 5 will again deliver laughs as McCullers already worked with Shrek’s Mike Myers for the Austin Powers franchise. The last film in the franchise, Shrek Forever After, was released in 2010. Eddie Murphy recently said that an initial script for Shrek 5 was already penned. He also gave an update about the release of the upcoming film, which he said would be in 2019.

Murphy, who voiced Donkey, also explained to Collider that despite the lengthy break, he believes people will still warmly receive Shrek.

“Anything that’s been as successful as Shrek, anything that people really like, they’re always going to make those movies. They don’t stop making those types of movies until the audience says ‘no more!’ If it’s been successful you’ll see another Toy Story, and Shrek is one of those movies.”

It is certain that Myers will return for Shrek 5 considering his admiration for the films. He previously told the Cinema that he fell in love with the message of Shrek – that you are beautiful even if your appearance is far from the ones plastered in magazines.

“I thought it was just a great story, very well told, and with incredible animation. And it has an amazing message. I was actually crying by the end, even though I knew the story backwards and forwards. So I was completely sucked into it, like a big kid or something.”

Earlier this year, Dreamworks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg told the Big Issue that he takes pride in animated films like Shrek because they “transport the audience to fanciful places.”

“That is one of the great traditions of animated movies. They are borderless. Their appeal is meant to cross all geographies and come to things that are common for all of us.”

The National Medal of Art recipient believes that today is the “golden age for animation,” and despite the presence of many equally great studios, Katzenberg loves the challenge that comes with animated films. Since the industry is more competitive than ever, moviegoers are presented with stellar film choices.

Here are some things that we hope will be seen in Shrek 5.

The return of the beloved cast

Shrek wouldn’t be as endearing if not for the whole cast. Fans will be pleased if Myers, Murphy, and Cameron Diaz will return to reprise their roles in the gang, although it’s nice if Lord Farquaad or someone from his team won’t return to avenge his death.

Shrek and Fiona’s little darlings

Fergus, Farkle, and Felicia appeared in several films, including Shrek the Third, Shrek the Halls, Shrek Forever After, and Scared Shrekless. In the last film, the trio’s first birthday was celebrated. Did the three grow up as funny as their father? Is Felicia as poised as Fiona? It will be charming to see the Ogre Triplets all grown up.

Shrek and Fiona's triplets in bed

The continuation of Donkey and Dragon’s “happy ever after”

Shrek and Fiona are not the only ones who fell in love in the franchise. Donkey and Dragon’s romance is a proof that love knows no size. It’s interesting if Shrek 5 can show more of the two’s delightfully different love story as well as their little “Dronkeys.”

Puss and his adventures

Puss is another well-loved character in the Shrek franchise, and he even starred in his own films. Although he and Donkey are allies, the two have a rivalry going on. It will be more fun if Shrek 5 can feature more of Puss and Donkey’s bickering.

Puss and Donkey as rivals in Shrek

The frenemies-slash-princesses

Princesses Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty have prominent appearances in Shrek the Third. Despite their fights, it is also undeniable that their friendship is one for the books.

What are you most excited about in the upcoming Shrek film?

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