Did Hillary Clinton Have An Earpiece Feeding Her Lines During The Final Presidential Debate? One Viral YouTube Video Claims She Did

Was Hillary Clinton wearing an earpiece during the final presidential debate that fed her lines to use against Donald Trump?

That’s the theory that’s been making the rounds on social media in the wake of the third and final presidential debate on Wednesday. While Clinton is winning the immediate reaction polls of the debate, some followers of Donald Trump are crying foul and pointing to a video that appears to show her being fed lines to use against the real estate mogul.

While there were several clips claiming to show the earpiece in action, the video getting the most play was one taken during her reference to the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando. Clinton was trying to make a point to Trump that the man accused of perpetrating the attack, Omar Mateen, was not an immigrant but instead a man born in the United States — in Trump’s birthplace in Queens, to be exact.

But during her answer, there was another sound on the audio that appeared to many to be a whisper from some kind of debate coach, delivered to Hillary Clinton through an earpiece. It came as Clinton paused during her response to Trump.

“The killer of the…”

And then the audio appeared to show someone whispering the word “dozens,” just before Clinton continued.

“… dozens of people killed at the nightclub.”

The YouTube video slowed down Clinton’s response to make the whisper more audible. The entire clip can be seen below.

The YouTube clip appearing to show Hillary Clinton being fed lines through an earpiece went viral pretty quickly, garnering tens of thousands of views and being shared by Trump supporters across the internet. Many saw it as a blatant act of cheating on Clinton’s part, one that could have skewed the results of the critical final debate.

But in the immediate wake of the debate, it’s not clear what substance there might be to the rumor — or if there is any at all. For one, it’s not known if the audio has been doctored in any way, and even when it is slowed down, it’s not clear what the person is saying.

Also, if Hillary Clinton did have an earpiece on during the debate, it would seem strange that the microphone would only pick it up one time, which happened to be feeding her a line that didn’t add anything to the debate and wasn’t of any real consequence. If Clinton had forgotten how many people were killed in the Pulse nightclub shooting, she could have avoided saying “dozens” and just said “many.”

This is also not the first time that Hillary Clinton has been accused of wearing an earpiece to a debate against Donald Trump. There were accusations that she used a similar audio device at NBC’s Commander-in-Chief Forum, which came before the first official presidential debate. Some people pointed to what appeared to be a shiny device in Clinton’s ear, though others claim it was just a reflection of the lighting on stage.

The video claiming to provide evidence of Clinton’s earpiece can be seen below.

There were other accusations of cheating against Hillary Clinton. Some scrutinized Clinton’s outfit at the first presidential debate, claiming that it showed evidence of an earpiece connected to it.


While the video claiming that Hillary Clinton used an earpiece to feed her lines in the final presidential debate may have been popular on social media, it gained no traction from mainstream media outlets, and Clinton was widely seen as the winner of the debate. A poll taken by CNN/ORC immediately after the debate found that 52 percent of viewers believe she won compared to 39 percent for Donald Trump.

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