Prince Harry To Work With The ‘Horse Whisperer’ To Learn Techniques To Aid Wounded Soldiers

Prince Harry is teaming up with an old friend of his grandmother’s to aid war veterans in their recovery. The prince will be working with Monty Roberts, known to most as the “Horse Whisperer,” who was played in the movie of the same name by Robert Redford, an old friend of Queen Elizabeth’s to see how working with horses can help heal soldiers suffering from PTSD.

You know you are a close friend of Queen Elizabeth’s when she names a Pembroke Welsh Corgi after you. For years, the Corgi named Monty, was a favorite of Queen Elizabeth, says the Inquisitr. For years, Queen Elizabeth turned to Roberts for all matters dog and horse, and he is considered amongst her small circle of personal friends, even if he is an American cowboy.

Prince Harry, 32, is eager to learn what Monty Robert, 81, can teach him about the therapeutic value of working with horses as a means to heal soldiers suffering from PTSD, says Town & Country. Monty Roberts, the California cowboy known as The Horse Whisperer, is an American horse trainer with a lifetime of experience listening to what horses have to say.

Roberts has been a friend and consultant to Queen Elizabeth for over 25 years and will meet with Prince Harry at the royal estate, Sandringham. Harry, who was in the British Army for 10 years, is committed to the health and causes of former military.


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Monty Roberts says it will be an honor to teach Prince Harry all he can about human/equine communication, and all about his “horse whispering” techniques.

“It is a way of communicating with a horse and offers a powerful tool to help deal effectively with the emotional trauma of combat stress and the resulting anger, social withdrawal and mistrust. Experiencing a ‘join-up’, and the all-important moment of causing a horse to trust you, can be a powerful catalyst for finding hope and positivity as part of their recovery.”

Monty Roberts credits Queen Elizabeth for making him an international name.

“It’s always helpful when the British monarch is a fan.”

Prince Harry is eager to learn Monty Roberts’ techniques of communicating with horses through body language, says the Daily Mail. These techniques have been proven to help former servicemen and women work through conditions like PTSD.

“The prince has learned of this work and wanted to get a greater understanding. It will be an honor to show him.”

Prince Harry has made supporting current and former military his pet project, through ventures like the Invictus Games, which is a “Paralympics-style” games where many of the participants have lost limbs in various conflicts like Iraq and Afghanistan. Prince Harry was familiar with Roberts through his grandmother but had also heard about the classes he teaches at his California ranch for the United States military.

Roberts is trusted so much by Queen Elizabeth that he is the man who trains her own horses. And Roberts says that the Queen was on hand during the training process the first time they met.

“Her Majesty had 23 horses ready for me to work with and it was one week with Her Majesty there every day, when it was only supposed to be one hour.”

Roberts says after the first time he met with Queen Elizabeth in 1989, they have gotten together several times a year.

“Every year, two, three, four times a year that we get together, we discuss what’s happened, we discuss what we want to do.”

Prince Harry is eager to learn about any and all new tools that will be helpful to those who serve in the military.

Have you seen the movie The Horse Whisperer?

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