Mother Accused Of Burning Son’s Hands As Punishment For Touching Her iPad

Karina Torrescano Hernandez is accused of burning her six-year-old son’s hands on an electric stove as punishment for touching her iPad. After the alleged horrific incident, the Washington mother then supposedly poured salt onto her child’s wounds. Medical care staff discovered four separate burns and scars on the little boy’s neck, head, and bottom.

The victim and his brother, 3, told police officers that their mommy hits them with a “witches broom,” shoe, and a spoon. Hernandez claims her son likely hurt himself while toasting marshmallows on the stove, according to the Daily Mail. Hernandez was questioned through the aid of an interpreter and claimed the injury happened during the day when she naps after working a night shift. The mother maintains her child hid his wounds from her for two days and that she did not seek treatment for the injuries because she feared the boy would be removed from her care.

Doctors reportedly believe that the boy’s wounds indicate multiple contacts with a heat source. The mother, 27, was arrested on charges of suspicion of second-degree assault on a child after a school counselor saw the child’s wounds and alerted authorities. The boy initially told teachers that he hurt himself on the school playground but reportedly began crying and stated his mother had caused the injuries to his hands, KIRO-TV notes.

The suspected child abuse victim told police officers that his mommy wanted to teach him a lesson after he touched her iPad, so she held his hands over the spiral heating element on their electric stove. After Karina Hernandez allegedly removed her son’s hands from the stove, she then reportedly poured salt on top of the burns.

The family babysitter confirmed the boy’s story, noting that his mother hurt him intentionally because he had misbehaved. The little boy’s injures have now healed, and he and his younger brother are staying with a relative.