‘American Horror Story’ Spoilers: Everything You Need To Know About The Season 6 Twist

American Horror Story Season 6 finally revealed the highly anticipated twist in this week’s sixth episode. The show, which had previously been a horror documentary style theme called My Roanoke Nightmare, has flipped the script for the remainder of the season.

According to Entertainment Weekly, American Horror Story Season 6 is now a very different show. It was revealed in the first few minutes of the sixth episode that the show’s producer, Sidney, played by Cheyenne Jackson, loved the fact that My Roanoke Nightmare was a huge hit, and wanted to piggyback off its success by creating another show titled Return To Roanoke: Three Days In Hell. The show would put together the real-life Roanoke survivors as well as the actors who played the dramatized parts on My Roanoke Nightmare. Everyone returns to the house during the time of the blood moon in a Big Brother style reality TV series.

This means that Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Evan Peters all switched roles and are now playing completely different characters. Sarah Paulson’s new character is a British actress named Audrey who fell in love with her co-star Rory, played by Evan Peters. The pair are newlyweds and have agreed to move into the Roanoke house for the new reality TV series.

Meanwhile, since My Roanoke Nightmare, the real Matt and Shelby have been going through a rough time. The pair are separated and things got worse when Shelby decided to have a weekend romantic fling with the actor who portrayed Matt on the show, an actor named Dominic played by Cuba Gooding Jr. Shelby admits to Sidney that the only reason she has agreed to go back to the house is because she and Matt would be locked in there together and may finally hash out their relationship issues.

American Horror Story fans also saw that the real Lee has been struggling since the show as well. Many fans believe that she killed her ex-husband, Mason, and got away with it. It’s even revealed that there is an online petition for Lee to be charged with the murder, although Lee continues to maintain her innocence. All the while, the actress who played Lee on My Roanoke Nightmare, Monet, played by Angela Bassett, is revealed to be recently out of rehab for alcoholism.

Perhaps the most interesting post Roanoke story during American Horror Story Season 6’s sixth episode revolved around the actress who played The Butcher. The actress named Agnes is portrayed by Kathy Bates, and it’s revealed that she’s completely insane. Agnes dove too deep into her character and has lost it. The actress was seen walking around Hollywood in costume wielding a butcher knife. Sidney tells Agnes that she is no longer apart of the show and hits her with a restraining order. When Rory and Audrey first arrive at the house to begin filming, they see Agnes in full costume. It’s then revealed that Agnes previously tortured Audrey and even tried to break into her home and steal the award she won for her acting on My Roanoke Nightmare.

Once everyone arrives at the Roanoke house, the real action starts. American Horror Story fans see the obvious tension in the home. Matt and Shelby’s problems, as well as the actors not believing the survivors’ story, causes an awkwardness on the first night. Just when things start to settle down, Audrey sees the pig man in the bathroom and is shaken. Rory hurries to check it out and is shockingly killed by the ghosts of the murder nurses. This allows the nurses to finish their “murder” wall. Matt is the first one to figure this out when he sees the finished word on the wall. “R is for Rory” he states before the episode ends. The final shocking reveal is that every single person involved with the show was killed under mysterious circumstances, expect for one. The survivor was not revealed in the episode.

What do you think of the latest American Horror Story spoilers and the crazy Season 6 twist?

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