Trump Or Clinton Losses Will Result In Very Different Americas: How It Will Look

The Trump and Clinton race has almost run its course, and Americans are experiencing the full gamut of emotions.

For supporters of the GOP candidate, there is a fear that America will be on the way to socialism and, inevitably, communism if their candidate loses.

For supporters of the Democrat, a loss would mean the possible return to Nazi Germany but only on American soil and overseen by an orange-skinned wild man with a hatred for women, Muslims, and Mexicans.

The rest of America — around 16 percent if the latest Rasmussen poll is to be believed — will just be thankful the entire nasty 2016 election cycle is over and focused on electing a better candidate after one of the main two does their worst during the next four years.

Trump and Clinton have brought out the extremes from both sides, and even though Clinton currently enjoys a lead over her opponent — again, unless you believe the Rasmussen poll, which has them tied — the cycle has been anything but predictable.

After the GOP nominee threw his support behind the controversial “birther” movement during President Obama’s bid for reelection, he was perceived as something of a joke.

Not one pundit thought he would run for the White House, and of those who did, no one expected him to break free of the Republican establishment and actually win the nomination.

Throughout the campaign, he has endured one controversy after another that would cripple any other candidate. However, he has hung in there and is still within reach.

Clinton, on the other hand, boasts political experience and the full support of her base. She has also benefitted from those turned off by the controversial 2005 tape in which Trump said that with women, you have to “grab them by the p***y” to Access Hollywood host Billy Bush.

Even supporters who still refuse to vote for the former Secretary of State were a win for her as they withdrew their support for Trump prior to the second debate.

The Trump-Clinton race is now down to the wire with the third and final presidential debate, and whatever the outcome of the Presidential election, one thing is for certain. The winner will set the course for a very different America.

If Clinton wins, fringe right personalities like Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, and the people they cater to will be beaten back into obscurity.

The belief on the right that the media is in bed with Democrats may still hold sway, but it will establish limits to that thinking, at least to the degree that Jones and others of his ilk will have less political influence over party extremists.

Conspiracy theorists will essentially be thrust back to the fringe, and traditional media trust will improve somewhat from its current dismal ratings as reported by Gallup.

If Trump wins, the reverse will be true. Declining trust in traditional institutions will increase and the left-right media fragmentation that currently exists will be even more pronounced as the Joneses and Limbaughs of the world enhance their credibility.

Perhaps scarier, this change will be wholly warranted. Currently, traditional media outlets have the Trump-Clinton race declared with Hillary to be sworn in as the first woman President of the United States in January 2017.

An election day return that showed the exact opposite to be true would rightfully discredit outlets like the Washington Post, CNN, and FiveThirtyEight — which currently has odds of a Clinton victory at more than 80 percent — to the extent that would lend a lot of weight to Donald Trump’s characterization of the press.

Either way, the Trump-Clinton race has only begun to have an effect on America, and the biggest changes will come after November 8. But what do you think, readers?

Will the Trump-Clinton race fundamentally change the U.S. From the country it currently is, or will the country be able to find a balance? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Canadian Pacific/Flickr Creative Commons/Resized and Cropped/CC BY-NC 2.0]