Kim Kardashian: Kanye West Blaming Wife After Robbery? Conflicting Reports Call Marriage Into Question After Jewelry Heist

As Kim Kardashian continues to work through the trauma of her Paris robbery, one celebrity media outlet contends that she also must deal with Kanye West’s anger about the jewelry heist.

According to an unnamed source for OK! Magazine, there is allegedly a possibility that Kim and Kanye could split over the jewelry robbery. In fact, the insider for OK! went so far as to say that “Kim’s friends are worrying that a breakup is imminent.”

According to the magazine’s report, that’s because Kanye has been lashing out at everyone since Kim returned from Paris, where she was bound, gagged, and thrown in a bathtub while jewelry looters ransacked her Paris apartment in search of Kardashian’s valuables. Ultimately, Kardashian was left physically unharmed, though the jewelry robbers made away with more than $10 million worth of jewelry, including a $4.5 million ring West gave to his wife.

The report from OK! went on to claim that Yeezy is so angry about the robbery that he’s gone so far as to blame Kim for the incident.

“Kanye’s totally gone off the rails, tearing into everyone from Kris Jenner to Kim’s sisters to her bodyguard to Kim herself, blaming them all for the robbery. He’s really acting out.”

Allegedly, Kanye is upset that Kim is missing out on the opportunity to make mega cash while she recovers from the robbery incident. According to a previous report, Kim Kardashian stands to lose millions of dollars from canceled appearances and social media promotions. Kardashian has not posted to social media since the robbery occurred, and she’s only been photographed in public one time.

The OK! insider went on to say that Kim is “considering moving on” from Kanye, and the 35-year-old Keeping Up with the Kardashians star prefers it when her husband is away because “he’s just too hard to deal with.” Later on in the article, OK! asserted that Kim K is “likely to go back to the same divorce attorney she reportedly consulted earlier this year.”

But according to a conflicting report from Gossip Cop, the rumors that Kanye West is blaming Kim Kardashian for the robbery simply aren’t true.

“Far from blaming Kardashian for getting robbed, Gossip Cop has learned West is being very supportive of his wife. The allegations claiming otherwise, and the speculation about a divorce, are ‘totally untrue,’ his rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop.”

Additionally, Gossip Cop goes on to contend that Kim has never visited a divorce lawyer since she married Kanye — not earlier this year, and not in the two-and-a-half years they’ve been married.

“Kardashian never met with any divorce lawyer,” Gossip Cop reported. “And while those stories were seemingly made up just to sensationalize the couple’s relationship, OK! apparently fabricated this new ‘breakup’ tale to capitalize on Kardashian’s traumatic crime.”

Gossip Cop added, “That’s certainly a new low.”

Since the robbery in Paris on October 3, the KUWTK star has chosen to stay out of the spotlight. Kardashian has long been known for her frequent social media posts and her scandalous Instagram images, but in the days since the robbery, the selfie queen has remained silent on social media. According to a previous report, Kardashian is said to feel safe only in her own Bel-Air home.

What do you think of the rumors that Kanye West may be blaming Kim Kardashian after the traumatic jewelry robbery she dealt with in Paris?

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