Oral Sex If You Vote For Hillary Clinton -- Madonna Jokingly Offers During Amy Schumer's Show [NSFW]

You won't believe the extremely NSFW proposition Madonna made to fans during her opening act for Amy Schumer at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday, October 18. According to Us Weekly, Madonna jokingly offered oral sex to her male fans in exchange for them casting their votes for Hillary Clinton in November.

"One more thing before I introduce this genius of comedy," Madonna said, referring to Amy Schumer. "If you vote for Hillary Clinton, I will give you a b*** j** — and I'm good!"

In case that wasn't enough, Madonna did go on to elaborate on how she was "good" at the oral sex she was offering her male fans in exchange for a vote for Hillary Clinton. "I take my time, I make lots of eye contact and I do swallow." Madonna said, informing the audience of her skills.

The Huffington Post speculates there is very little Madonna won't do in order to make sure Hillary Clinton is elected president on Election Day instead of Donald Trump. This includes taking her top off in public after being inspired by Katy Perry to show her support for Hillary Clinton and arranging for her son to disembowel a Donald Trump piñata. Tuesday was just the cherry on top when Madonna pledged to perform not only oral sex – but good oral sex – on every Clinton supporter who was sitting in the audience at Amy Schumer's comedy show at Madison Square Garden.

Naturally, it didn't take long for fans of Madonna, fans of Amy Schumer, and both Trump and Clinton supporters to hop on social media and let the world know how they felt about the offer of oral sex in exchange for a vote for Hillary.

Trump supporters quickly bashed Madonna for offering oral sex in exchange for a vote for Hillary Clinton.

Some Twitter users even used the oral sex proposal as an opportunity to attack Madonna. These users pointed out this was likely one of the many reasons why Madonna's older children want nothing to do with her and why she struggled to gain custody of her younger children.
Other than a few NSFW tweets, there does not appear to be too many social media users who support the offer Madonna made to exchange oral sex to anyone who votes for Hillary Clinton. Is it possible Madonna helped Donald Trump more than she helped Hillary Clinton by making this offer before she introduced Amy Schumer?

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Us Weekly also reports this isn't the first time Amy Schumer and Madonna shared the state at Madison Square Garden. In September of last year, the roles were reversed as Amy Schumer was the opening act for Madonna's "Rebel Heart Tour." Amy was Madonna's opening act during three different stops in New York City.

After making the offer to exchange oral sex for anyone who votes for Hillary Clinton before introducing Amy Schumer on Tuesday, Madonna shared a picture of herself with Amy on Instagram. "Love and Respect this woman so much!! Thanks for letting me get on your stage!" Madonna used to caption the photo with Amy.What do you think about Madonna getting on stage and offering oral sex to Amy Schumer's audience in exchange for casting a vote for Hillary Clinton? Do you think this proposal is going to help Hillary Clinton's campaign or do you think Donald Trump is going to end up getting more votes because of the offer Madonna has made? Share your thoughts on this offer Madonna jokingly made in the comments below.

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