Jacqueline Laurita Says Melissa Gorga Fed Her Private Information And Inside Scoop On Teresa Giudice

Should Teresa Giudice really trust her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga? Her The Real Housewives of New Jersey co-star and former friend Jacqueline Laurita doesn’t seem to think so. In her latest Bravo blog, Jacqueline claimed that Melissa used to repeatedly tell her “private information” about Teresa. How long did this supposedly last? Jacqueline said that Melissa blabbed about Teresa for months after she got out of prison. Jacqueline also claimed that Melissa used to give her the “inside scoop” on what was going on with Teresa’s legal case and household. According to Jacqueline, Melissa spread Teresa’s business to not just her but to anyone who would listen.

Jacqueline’s latest blog, posted on Wednesday, was practically entirely devoted to bashing Melissa. Jacqueline characterized Melissa as a self-serving person who is not interested in having real friendships with other people but only interested in what other people can do for her. Jacqueline made it clear that she now realizes that Melissa was never her friend but was only ever interested in tearing her and Teresa apart and in using her to spread nasty gossip about Teresa. Jacqueline wrote that Melissa would tell her “private information” about Teresa, including how Teresa felt about her and others. Jacqueline claimed that this behavior continued even when Teresa was serving her prison sentence and for months after she got out.

“If I sat with Teresa, I think she would know that the information I know could have only come from someone deep within her camp. I can say with all honesty that it was Melissa, as recently as while Teresa was in prison and for months after she got out, who fed me private information about Teresa and also how she felt about others, as well as how she felt about me. Melissa kept me in the loop all of the time…. (just like she did with Danielle )…and I wasn’t the only person she was talking to.”

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Teresa was released from prison a few days prior to Christmas, on December 23, 2015. As viewers saw on an early season episode, Teresa, her husband, and children attended a Christmas Eve dinner at Joe and Melissa’s house. The episode showed Teresa and Melissa during a talk in the kitchen, agreeing to move forward with a relationship with one another and promising to have one another’s backs, rather than fighting one another, from then onward. Could it really be true that Melissa, as Jacqueline’s claimed in her blog, gossiped about Teresa for months after she got out of prison and thereby went against her promise?


Jacqueline also claimed that Melissa, who called her every day to gossip, would tell her that she had the “inside scoop” on Teresa’s “ongoing drama” from her attorney, brother Joe, and other family members. Jacqueline wrote that Melissa told everyone Teresa’s business.

“Melissa used to call me every day to gossip. She claimed to have the inside scoop from Teresa’s attorney that they shared, her brother and family, and knew ALL the ongoing drama in Teresa’s household. She told everybody! Well, of course I listened to it! Who wouldn’t?”

According to Jacqueline, Melissa called her only to get information that could serve her well and to tell her the latest Teresa gossip.

“When Melissa called, it was always to gather information on where I was going and with who and/or she wanted to tell me the latest Teresa gossip.”

Jacqueline doesn’t believe that Teresa’s innocent either. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jacqueline wrote in a previous blog that Melissa and Teresa banded together to re-write history and go against her during the cast’s Vermont trip.

In her own Bravo blog, Melissa Gorga wrote that Jacqueline Laurita can’t seem to move on from the past and that it’s Jacqueline who’s in everybody’s business. Melissa pointed out that Jacqueline repeatedly brings up what happened in the past between her and her sister-in-law Teresa Giudice. Melissa even called Jacqueline a “complete emotional trainwreck.”

“Jacqueline is truly the one bringing up the past and causing problems. Like usual, she has her NOSE (pun intended) in everybody’s business and is a complete emotional trainwreck. One minute she’s done with Teresa and the next she feels bad for her and misses her. When it comes to me, I don’t know why it’s so important for her to keep bringing up everything I said about Teresa and everything she said about me? If we can move past it, why can’t she?”

Just as how Jacqueline claimed in her blog that Melissa just wants to gossip about everyone, Melissa claimed in her own blog that Jacqueline’s only interested in gossip.

“That is who Jacqueline is… she has to know EVERYTHING about EVERYBODY. She puts so much time and energy into gossiping and trying to move the chess pieces. I have to say, looking back now, I am almost relieved that we are no longer friends because it was EXHAUSTING.”

Melissa also denied that she’s only interested in what others can do for her. Melissa reiterated in her blog that it takes her a while to open up because she has been burned before.

“I’m not the type of person to open up until I get to know you. I have been burned before and keep my circle small. At this point in my life, trust is something that is earned.”

On the last episode, Jacqueline’s good friend Siggy Flicker met up with Melissa Gorga to tell her that she wouldn’t be attending her fashion show out of loyalty to Jacqueline, who had a major falling out with both Melissa and Teresa during the cast’s Vermont trip. Siggy admitted that she initially thought that Melissa was self-absorbed and not interested in getting to know others. Perhaps Siggy based this initial assessment on what Jacqueline told her? In any case, Melissa explained to Siggy that she was cautious about opening up to people because she has been hurt by others so much before. After talking with Melissa for a bit, Siggy admitted that her first impression of Melissa was wrong and eventually decided to attend Melissa’s fashion show.

While it’s clear that Jacqueline Laurita is no longer friends with Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice, will viewers soon see another one of Jacqueline’s friendship end? A preview for the next The Real Housewives of New Jersey episode shows Dolores Catania telling Siggy Flicker that she and Jacqueline are no longer speaking after Jacqueline accused her of setting her up. Dolores admitted that she lost her temper and they exchanged some not very nice words to one another. “‘F**k you,’ I said actually,” Dolores tells a shocked Siggy.

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