Three Georgia Teens Arrested For Scalding And Raping Woman Near Her Young Children

Police in Georgia have arrested three teens for allegedly committing the horrific crimes of scalding and raping a woman -- while both of her children were nearby and one even reportedly watched. The shocking rape and physical assault took place on May 12; that's when Georgia police allege that the three teenagers broke into the woman's home and attacked her while also "rummaging through" her house.

Authorities have identified two of the three Georgia teens as 19-year-old Josue Ramirez and 17-year-old Francisco Palencia. The name of the third teen has not been released, but that suspect has been identified as a 15-year-old female. As Fox News reports, all three suspects are facing serious charges, including rape, home invasion, cruelty to children, kidnapping, aggravated battery, and aggravated sodomy.

The victim claims that the three Georgia teens broke into her home back in mid-May. The trio was allegedly armed with stun guns and used the weapons to attack her and force her into one of her home's bedrooms as she attempted to get away. As she struggled to fight them off, the victim raced to get to her two children, who were also in the home at the time of the alleged attack and rape.

Three Georgia teens arrested for horrific crime.
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At that time, the victims told police that one of the three teens dumped two pans of scalding water on her in an apparent attempt to injure her and gain control of the victim and the situation.

As the alleged victim attempted to fight off the three teen attackers, two of the three reportedly managed to fight her into a bedroom where she was forcibly stripped naked and raped. At the time of the alleged sexual assault, one of the women's children was strapped into a car seat near the kitchen, but the other reportedly made their way into the bedroom and witnessed their mother being raped by two of the three Georgia teens.

At the time of the rape, the third teen (who is also accused of dumping scalding water on the victim) was reportedly going through the woman's home and things.

Throughout the violent and unprovoked attack, the victim's children were reportedly spared physical harm.

It is unclear whether or not property theft was involved in the seemingly random and senseless assault, but at some point the three Georgia teens reportedly simply left the woman's home. It was then that she called police to report the horrific attack.

Three Georgia teens arrested for home invasion and rape.
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First responders transported the unnamed victim to a local medical center, where she was treated for injuries including burns on her upper body.

Suspects Ramirez and Palencia are currently being held at the Gwinnett County Jail and are expected to appear in court Thursday for their first hearing. Details regarding the whereabouts of the third Georgia teen, an unidentified 15-year-old, have not been made public, and it is unclear where she is being held or when she will appear in court.

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