Watch Presidential Debate Live On C-SPAN And Alex Jones In What Might Be Craziest Night Ever

It’s October 19, and that means it’s time for the final presidential debate with Donald Trump facing against Hillary Clinton. It promises to be an interesting and challenging debate as Donald Trump tries to prove the entire election process is rigged and that he’s been the victim of slanted media. Clinton will try to maintain her lead and show that she’s the one with the experience, stamina, and temperament to be president.

There’s plenty of live coverage of tonight’s presidential debate, and you have plenty of options to watch the debate live and online. C-SPAN is waving cable subscriptions by offering a free feed to those who’d like to watch online. C-SPAN allows viewers to submit questions, and if you’re concerned about getting one-sided news coverage, you might find C-SPAN is the most fair and balanced network out there, unlike the other option carefully selected for your viewing pleasure: Alex Jones.

Alex Jones is a conspiracy theorist, Bilderberg and Illuminati infiltrator, and radio talk show host. He loves controversial topics and has no qualms about sharing his conspiracy theories, regardless of who would like to shut him up. He recently drew media attention for saying that Hillary Clinton and President Obama have demons, comments he said were misinterpreted. Again, he says the entire controversy was taken out of context.

Regardless, you can watch the presidential debate live with commentary from controversial host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones in the video player above. If you would like to submit questions to C-SPAN and watch the live streaming coverage the network has provided, you will need to visit their official website here: C-SPAN live stream presidential debate.

President Obama recently responded to the Alex Jones’ comments.

“There is a guy on the radio who apparently… said me and Hilary are demons. Said we smelled like sulfur. Aint’ that something?”

As the nation watches the debate, social media is exploding with comments ranging from whether the two will shake hands and be cordial to what Hillary Clinton will wear. It appears the debate between the two has taken a personal tone, and the two no longer appear friendly or cordial.

It’s required that those watching the debate live and in the audience remain quiet; however, there has been a history of many people shouting, whooping, clapping, cheering, and even booing. It’s unknown whether the audience members will forget their place as guests and become participants as they have in prior debates.

While many people feel tonight’s debate is Donald Trump’s last effort to gain support, Hillary Clinton isn’t claiming the victory title yet. Trump has surprised people throughout this election by gaining support when it seemed there was no hope remaining. Will Trump be able to turn the tables tonight? Hillary Clinton has used social media to continue to drum up support.

Clinton shared on Twitter an invitation for people to continue watching, to support her, and ultimately to vote.

Trump has tried desperately to get the African-American vote and suggested that Hillary Clinton doesn’t deserve their support. It’s unknown how the majority of African Americans will vote because there is growing discontent within the black community regarding Clinton’s stance. Black Lives Matters is paying careful attention to tonight’s debate.

Hillary Clinton has continued to state her support for the African-American community and has pledged to fight bigotry in all its forms. Most specifically, she has vowed to fight bigotry that she believes her opponent has promoted throughout his campaign.

Are you going to watch the presidential debate live online tonight? Do you know who you will vote for, or do you remain undecided?

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