Hillary And Bill Clinton’s ‘Fixer’ Claims Bill Had Affairs With Markie Post, Mary Hart — And Hillary With Vince Foster, Plus A Woman

Bill Clinton can be seen in the above photo with Hillary Clinton and actress Markie Post, when they performed a sing-along with Kermit the Frog at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington. Markie’s name has once again been linked to Bill’s name now that explosive accusations from a Clinton “fixer” have hit the press, the same day as the final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary.

According to the Daily Mail, an unnamed “fixer” claimed he paid a photographer as much as $100,000 to get rid of photos with Markie and Bill in what must have been a compromising position on a Hollywood lot — after all, six figures for photos of Clinton and Post chatting like friends would seem unlikely. Post was most famous for her role on the sitcom Night Court. The unnamed “fixer” — who brings to mind a male version of Olivia Pope from Scandal, quietly going about “fixing” scandals of political candidates — allegedly worked from 1991 to 2008, “fixing” things for the Clintons.

He is making his alleged deeds public now because of the focus on Trump’s misdeeds. But it isn’t just adultery allegations swirling about Bill that the fixer claims he had to bury in the press. He also makes an explosive charge that the “fixer” had to bury stories of Bill’s affairs and Hillary’s alleged affair with Vince Foster and a woman in Tinseltown.

“I am coming forward now because of the endless attention the alleged indiscretions of Donald Trump have received. Nothing I have heard comes close to the sexual and moral corruption of the Clintons – many of which have yet to be revealed. I was informed that these stories would involve rumors of Bill Clinton’s many sexual dalliances and an alleged ongoing affair of Hillary Clinton with a male member of her law firm, Vince Foster, as well as a female mover-and-shaker in Hollywood.”

fixer Vince Foster in glasses with Hillary and Bill Clinton [Image by J.Scott Applewhite/AP Images]

“I was ordered to buy photos from a photographer who lived in Malibu. He had been on the lot and snapped Bill and Markie alone in a car. I arranged a $10,000 payoff in cash. Used bills. Always used bills. Incredibly – or perhaps not – the photographer’s studio burned down the night before. But I don’t know anything about that and I don’t want to.”

Markie wasn’t the only “fix” that the supposed fixer had to fix when it came to rumors of Bill’s affairs. According to the fixer, he also put the kibosh on talk that Mary Hart of Entertainment Tonight was also one of Clinton’s sexual conquests.

bill clinton

Beyond the claims that the “fixer” had to bury plenty of evidence of alleged adulterous affairs on both Hillary’s part and Bill’s part, the “fixer” also spoke of scrubbing Foster’s office after Hillary allegedly asked for Vince’s office to have all evidence of the Whitewater scandal removed. With Vince having committed suicide — the alleged request from Clinton came two hours following Vince’s death.

The “fixer” claimed such success with burying stories of the Clintons because he claims he was paid $4,000 per month through a middleman to keep the stories quiet. Plus, the “fixer” said he was able to pay reporters for positive interviews of the Clintons.

Beyond the rumors about Markie and Mary allegedly having affairs with Bill, the “fixer” said that he paid two women — one supposedly named Doreen, and the other named Julianne — in the wake of Bill’s inauguration.

Even though the “fixer” has come out with shocking allegations about the stories he allegedly kept from the media, he claims he doesn’t want to have a negative effect on the election.

“In the few weeks remaining until the election, we should not be weighing whose corruption is worse (the Clintons win by a landslide, if all were to be told), but who has the best ideas and leadership skills to become president of the United States.”

[Featured Image by Greg Gibson/AP Images]