Obama Sick Of Trump ‘Whining’ About Quid Pro Quo, Rigged Election: Will Issues Of Media And Systemic Corruption Come Up At The Third Presidential Debate Tonight?

Get over it. That’s essentially what President Obama said to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump when Trump complained about a “rigged election” and the quid pro quo deal Hillary Clinton made with the FBI.

Trump railed against Hillary on Twitter, complaining that she received no punishment for her actions even though they are clearly criminal. He also stated the election had been rigged and claimed Clinton had been given the questions to the presidential debates beforehand.

Barack Obama Donald Trump Rigged Election
Obama speaks at the Grand Teatro de la Habano Alicia Alfonso in the Old Havana neighborhood in Cuba, March 2016. [Image Via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

Okay, that was a lot. Let’s break this down step-by-step. Accusations against Clinton and the State Department recently came to light stating that Undersecretary of State Patrick Kennedy “pressured’ an FBI official to declassify an email written about a U.S. Embassy attack in Benghazi, Libya.

In exchange, the former Rhode Island senator offered to increase FBI presence in countries where they are not allowed to operate. This little backroom deal has gotten the attention of the media, and the press has been running with Clinton’s scandal ever since. Trump also pointed out that Clinton has escaped punishment for the leaked emails even though FBI Director James Comey agreed a crime had been committed.

You can practically hear the GOP presidential nominee yell “Rigged!” as he talks about the alleged voter fraud and Clinton’s escape from justice over the FBI deal. The State Department has continuously denied that it ever offered such an exchange to the Bureau of Investigation.

Barack Obama Donald Trump Rigged Election
Trump speaks during a rally at the James L. Knight Center in Miami, FL, September 2016. [Image By Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

President Obama did not appreciate Trump’s comments about the rigged election and told the Republican presidential nominee to “stop whining” about the supposedly fixed system. Additionally, Obama told Trump to “make [his] case” for deserving more votes than Clinton, as the New York Times mentioned.

Trump has been accused of making lewd comments about women on videotape, and several women have also claimed he sexually assaulted them. Trump has referred to the comments as a hoax, claiming the incidents were manufactured to make him lose votes. He has also gone on the attack against his opponent on Twitter.


In light of the allegations against Hillary, Trump has vowed to “drain the swamp” in Washington if elected. He also claimed Hillary deleted emails with her server technician. WikiLeaks is still in the process of making those deleted emails public, but the content does not look good for Clinton’s campaign.

StlToday.com discovered that Hillary’s campaign is pressing for votes from typically red states, a move Donald called “one of the great miscarriages of justice.”

Several Republican hardliners, such as Paul Ryan and a handful of GOP senators, have denounced Trump and even called for him to step down from the race. However, it appears the nominee is dead-set on fighting the good fight until the end.

Trump has also called the media corrupt for keeping Clinton’s FBI trade-off and other misdeeds out of the press. As Fox News discovered, Obama continued his attack on Trump by stating that it’s unprecedented for a presidential candidate to discredit an election before voting begins.

President Obama further pointed to Trump’s rigged election claims as evidence that he was not acting presidential and, therefore, not ready to handle the office. Obama’s attack speech took place outside the White House in the Rose Garden.

Trump has recently gone on the offensive against Obamacare. He wrote on Twitter that thousands of North Carolina citizens lost their health insurance due to the Affordable Care Act, and added that Pennsylvanians suffered a 33 percent increase in their premiums. Trump has always been a vehement opponent of the Affordable Care Act but now appears even more vocal about it.

Obama has stressed several times that Trump does not have the temperament or professionalism to sit in the White House. American voters seem to have this on their mind also, as shown by the recent slip in Trump’s poll numbers.

So, will the quid pro quo deal come up at tonight’s debate? Most likely, yes. Both Trump and Clinton have been on the offensive against the other’s campaigns, and they’ll have plenty of fuel for the fire during tonight’s presidential debate.

Clinton and the State Department have not elaborated on Trump’s claims of a quid pro quo deal between the department and the FBI. What are your thoughts on Trump’s accusations? Is the election really rigged in favor of Clinton?

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