‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Season 7 Premiere Script Leaked, Reveals Negan’s Victims?

The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere will air on AMC this Sunday, and fans are beginning to hear many spoilers and theories about what will happen in the first episode of the season. Many possibilities have been explored by fans online, but nothing has been confirmed. However, this week, a script from the premiere was allegedly leaked online.

Warning: Possible spoilers below!

According to Blasting News, the Walking Dead Season 7 premiere script may have been leaked. Some fans are revealing that they’ve seen the script and are detailing what will happen in the season opener. While this alleged script leak, which was reportedly first posted on The Spoiling Dead website by a member named Rocket Dog, has not been confirmed, it does offer some very interesting scenarios for Sunday’s episode. Sadly, the rumored script features more heartbreak than fans had originally imagined.

The Walking Dead Spoilers: Season 7 premiere script leaked?

According to the reported Walking Dead spoilers, Negan will kill two members of Rick’s group, Abraham and Glenn. Abe will allegedly be the first person to meet Negan’s bat, Lucille, and he’ll “take it like a champ” and even deliver a final hilarious one-liner before being killed. Sadly, it seems the theory that Daryl lashing out after Abraham’s death could be true, and that Negan will choose to punish him by killing another member of the group, which will reportedly be Glenn. As many fans know, Glenn is the character who dies at the hands of Negan in the comic book series. His death is a huge turning point in the story and for the characters, and it would likely also be so on the television series.

It looks like The Walking Dead will tease Daryl’s death a bit by having Negan walk over to him with his bloody bat in hand. However, instead of killing Daryl for his outburst, he’ll kill Glenn instead. If this is true, Daryl is going to have a very emotional time ahead of him. He’ll definitely feel responsible for Glenn’s death, and it is sure to take a toll on him throughout Season 7. Sadly, it seems that Glenn will try to call out to his wife Maggie as she’s watching her husband die, and then Negan will allegedly finish off Glenn in a very graphic scene.

In addition to Negan’s brutal beat downs, he’ll also mentally break down Rick. Negan will take Rick into the RV, and during the exchange, Rick will allegedly begin to have mental pictures of the whole group, all alive and well, having a garden party within the safe zone of Alexandria. Negan will then reportedly take Rick on a ride in the RV and throw him out into a group of walkers. Rick will allegedly continue the dream sequence even though his life is in danger. He’ll be forced to fight off the walkers while having flashbacks of Negan brutally killing Abraham and Glenn.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere Spoilers: Script Leak Reveals Negan Victims?

The Walking Dead spoilers then reportedly reveal that Negan will be impressed with Rick keeping himself alive and let him back into the RV. The two men will then return to the group, where Negan will call Carl up to the front with his father. Negan then allegedly tells Rick that he has to cut off Carl’s arm or he will kill him with Lucille. Negan reportedly reassures Rick that he has a doctor that will take care of Carl, but Rick needs to swing the ax right at that moment. Negan allegedly begins a countdown, although Rick begs the villain to take his arm instead. When Negan reaches the end of the countdown Rick begins to swing the ax, but Negan stops him, knowing that he’s finally broken Rick and taken all the power for himself.

After the intense exchange, Negan allegedly orders Dwight to take Daryl prisoner, and the Saviors leave. Negan leaves Rick and his group a truck, and the gang leaves in a hurry to get a very sick and heartbroken Maggie to the Hilltop doctor. As Rick drives away, he looks in the rear-view mirror reportedly to see walkers come out of the woods and begin eating Abraham and Glenn’s remains.

What are your thoughts on the alleged Walking Dead Season 7 premiere spoilers? Do you think this reported script leak is what will actually happen, or is it just another fake theory?

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