Brad Pitt Disappoints Kids After Canceling Concert And Failing To Get Back Together With Angelina Jolie?

Brad Pitt has reportedly disappointed his children by failing to take them to a recent concert in Los Angeles.

Although Pitt’s current custody agreement does not allow him to be alone with his six children with estranged wife Angelina Jolie, a source claimed days ago that the 52-year-old actor’s sons, Maddox, 15, and Pax, 12, were highly upset when they didn’t get to see two of their favorite bands on October 15.

“Brad Pitt disappointed his older boys this weekend when he was unable to take them to see their favorite punk bands, Offspring and Sublime, in concert in Los Angeles,” a source told Hollywood Life on October 17. “Pax and Maddox were with Brad at their Los Feliz home over the weekend and super excited about going with their father to see a huge rock & roll show with their dad. Brad promised the two he would take them months prior to his split from Angelina.”

Brad Pitt’s wife filed for divorce on September 19 and shortly thereafter, reports suggested the actor had gotten violent with his oldest son and a child abuse case against him was launched. Days later, Brad Pitt and Jolie made a temporary agreement for the custody of their kids, which is expected to last until tomorrow.

According to the Hollywood Life report, Offspring and Sublime played a show on October 15 at the Irvine Meadows Amphitheater in Los Angeles.

“[Brad Pitt] intended on taking the boys too. But at the last-minute by recommendations from his security team, Brad thought it best to stay home, leaving the boys absolutely crushed,” the source explained.

Unfortunately, Brad Pitt wouldn’t have been able to take his kids anywhere anyways, and according to People Magazine, that’s only the start of the limitations that have been placed on Pitt in the weeks since Jolie filed for divorce.

In addition to having to have a monitor present during his visits with his six children, Brad Pitt is also required to attend therapy and has voluntarily agreed to submit drug and alcohol tests as his battle with Jolie continues.

The temporary agreement also awarded Jolie with full custody of the children and all six of the kids have been living with her ever since she filed for divorce. First, the kids were believed to be staying in Malibu. Then, it was rumored that Jolie had rented a home in Hidden Hills. Now, however, Jolie is reportedly hunting for another home in Malibu where she and her kids will likely remain.

“The boys are young and are having a hard time understanding everything that is happening with their parents. They want to know why they can’t just carry on with life normally. They are sad and confused but at least have been able to spend more time with Brad lately and that has been good for all of them,” the Hollywood Life source explained.

According to another report, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s kids are upset about the end of their parents’ marriage and hoping that they will soon reconcile their relationship and become a family once again.

“The kids are devastated and confused about why their parents are suddenly apart,” a source explained to Hollywood Life. “They are all nagging Angelina to get back together with their dad and have everything be back to normal.”

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt would like the same thing.

“He’s still in love with Angie,” another source previously told the outlet. “He’s in zero rush to start another relationship, and has no interest in a rebound type thing.”

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