NFL Rumors: Geno Smith Starting After New York Jets Give Up On Ryan Fitzpatrick

Desperate times call for desperate measures. The New York Jets are trying to salvage the season, so they’re making a change at their starting quarterback position. Geno Smith is replacing Ryan Fitzpatrick, as reported by ESPN. The move comes as a shock to many as the latter was supposed to lead the Jets to the NFL Playoffs.

Over the past two seasons, Ryan Fitzpatrick has compiled a record of 11-11 as the starting quarterback for the New York Jets. Though those numbers aren’t all that impressive, Fitzpatrick gave the Jets fan base a reason to believe because he was able to take over the team.

That run appears to be over for Ryan Fitzpatrick now. The New York Jets have announced that Geno Smith will be the starting quarterback on Sunday when the team goes up against the Baltimore Ravens. This is the first time that Smith has been a starter since December of 2014.

Much of the headlines surrounding Ryan Fitzpatrick over the summer involved him trying to secure a long term deal with the New York Jets. NFL fans waited to see which side would cave in first. Fitzpatrick ended up signing a one year contract worth approximately $12 million to return to the Jets.

With the way that Ryan Fitzpatrick has been playing so far this season, the New York Jets look smart for not signing the veteran quarterback to a long term deal. Fitzpatrick currently leads the NFL in interceptions with 11 of them. Six of those came from one game.

New York Jets head coach Todd Bowles has been committed to Ryan Fitzpatrick. Unfortunately, though, his loyalty can only stretch so far. During the game against the Arizona Cardinals, Bowles had no choice but to pull Fitzpatrick in favor of Geno Smith. Bowles has to ensure that he does not lose his job because of his commitment to Fitzpatrick.

New York Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick

Though Geno Smith has been named the starting quarterback by the New York Jets, it does not necessarily mean that he will hold the job for the rest of the season. The franchise also has two other quarterbacks on the roster that they can try out.

Very rarely do NFL teams carry four quarterbacks on the roster. There are so many other positions of need. However, the New York Jets felt compelled to do just that this season because they feel that Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg have potential to become assets on the professional level.

It will be interesting to see if Geno Smith takes advantage of the opportunity that has been presented to him. The 26-year-old quarterback has been quite vocal during this season because he feels that he could help the New York Jets do better than they have been doing.

New York Jets coach Todd Bowles

Geno Smith becomes a free agent after this season ends, so it would behoove him to do really well for the remainder of the season. His future with the New York Jets is limited, but Smith can still prove to NFL teams that he deserves a chance to be their starter.

Ironically enough, Geno Smith will be joined in free agency by Ryan Fitzpatrick. The two of them will be competing for a chance with another NFL team. The New York Jets will more than likely go with Bryce Petty, Christian Hackenberg or someone that they find in the NFL Draft.

Mathematically, the New York Jets are not eliminated from the NFL Playoffs. However, it would take quite the fool to bet that they will make it to the postseason. Todd Bowles has to figure out what he wants to do with his quarterback situation.

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