‘American Horror Story’ Boss Ryan Murphy Teases A Return To ‘Coven’ And ‘Freak Show’

As American Horror Story heads into the most suspenseful episodes of the season, the showrunners cast their eyes towards future incarnations of the anthology horror series. Planning future themes involves much more than just devising inventive new stories and villains. As Ryan Murphy has promised on more than one occasion, future American Horror Story installments will connect to past seasons, and creating an all-encompassing story arc has to be a major consideration in penning new seasons.

Murphy now reveals how AHS: Roanoke has already connected to a past season and shares plans to connect future seasons to the past in more ways.

American Horror Story Comes Full Circle With The First Supreme

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Prior to this week’s episode, AHS: Roanoke seemed to be built on the found footage style of filmmaking, adding the premise of a documentary to allow for reenactments of a horrifying story of witchcraft and the supernatural. As it turns out, this season of American Horror Story is even more inventive than that, as it essentially reboots itself in mid-stride and delivers a sudden twist that challenges everything AHS fans thought they knew about the Roanoke tale and about the series as a whole.

“It’s the biggest plot twist we’ve ever done on the show,” said co-creator Ryan Murphy. “The season was sort of written as if the season was two different shows. Something happens where half the cast is revealed to be playing and doing something absolutely different than you’ve seen in the first five. There’s a startling announcement at the end of act 3 that resets the rest of the season up until episode 10.”

One way in which Ryan Murphy has kept his word to connect all of the seasons has already been revealed with the character played by Lady Gaga in AHS: Roanoke. Murphy shares the news that Lady Gaga plays the first Supreme, alluding to the plot of AHS: Coven. That’s just one of many ways in which Murphy plans to bring all of the various American Horror Story installments together in a greater, intertwined tale.

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Ryan Murphy Dishes On More Connections And The Return Of Past AHS Stars

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The twists haven’t all been turned in AHS: Roanoke, as Murphy reveals that we’ll be seeing some past favorites returning for this season. Taissa Farmiga and Finn Wittrock will both be seen on the show before the end of the season. Many fans have been hoping for Taissa’s return since her last appearance in AHS: Coven, and responding to questions regarding Farmiga’s hiatus from the series, Ryan says the right part just hadn’t come up for the actress until now.

Speaking of AHS: Coven, Murphy says there will be a return to the Season 4 theme of American Horror Story coming up in future seasons. Meanwhile, there are already plans for a return to the AHS: Freak Show theme in next season.

“Next year, we will be going back to some Freak Show characters, deeper histories and mythologies,” says AHS boss Ryan Murphy. “So we’re sort of still exploring season 4 in season 7.”

AHS: Roanoke has been plotted out with plans to revisit the story in later seasons, says Mr. Murphy, so fans shouldn’t expect to come away from Episode 10 with any real sense of closure. Instead, it should be understood that the Roanoke story won’t be finished at the end of the season.

“The finale is the wrap-up to Roanoke but the mythology and some of the characters will continue in subsequent seasons. So it’s the ending but not the ending.”

American Horror Story airs tonight on FX.

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