Eminem Releases 8-Minute Freestyle Donald Trump Diss Track ‘Campaign Speech’

Eminem just released the ultimate Donald Trump diss track. The eight-minute freestyle is called “Campaign Speech.” Eminem’s sarcastic rhymes are as sharp as ever. Listen to the song below.


Posted Wednesday, the diss track is the first new music fans have heard from Eminem in a while. The rapper tweeted the song out to the fans around noon EST.

“Don’t worry I’m working on an album!

“Here’s something meanwhile.”

The backing music is practically nonexistent, allowing Eminem to really go off on tangents without the constraints of a beat.

“Screamed I hate blondes and I become one, I’m optimistic.”

The rapper went off on Donald Trump and all of his supporters.

“Shadiest mother f**ker you’ll ever come across.”

Eminem does not hold back in the blistering freestyle.

“Run the faucet. Imma dunk a bunch of Trump supporters under water,

“Snuck up on ’em in Ray Bans in a gray van with a spray tan.”

Eminem basically calls Donald Trump a “loose cannon” and threatens to drown his supporters.

“Consider me a dangerous man.

“But you should be afraid of this dang candidate.”

Eminem also called Trump too much of a yahoo to be trusted with our nuclear weapons.

“You say Trump don’t kiss a** like a puppet cuz he run his campaign with his own cash for the funding and that’s what you wanted a f**king loose cannon, who’s blunt with his hand on the button, who doesn’t have to answer to no one.

“Great idea.”


The rapper continues by joking about what it would be like if he was president.

“If I was President gettin’ off is the first order of business once I get into office. Second thing that will make me happy is walking up to Uncle Sam naked, laughing, d**k cupped in hands,

“screaming f**k safe sex throw a latex and an AIDS test, tell Congress I run this land and I want the rubber band and make it snappy.”

Eminem’s name has been out of the news recently, and until now, the rapper has kept quiet about his feelings about the upcoming election.


He also used the diss as a chance to talk back at all of his haters.

“The fact that I have so many rappers against me mind boggles.

“That’s why I had to come back on these fa**ots who dissed me.”

Eminem ends his eight-minute rant on a sarcastic note, asking if he had star 69’d (blocked his number) before releasing this diss track.

“But as far as these lines I rap and these bars, would it dial it back if I star 69’d the track?

“Why am I such a d**k?”


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In the midst of the diss rap, Eminem also references Trayvon Martin and Colin Kaepernick, he even mentions mystery novelist Agatha Christie.

The rapper does not even touch on politics until about the four-minute mark.

Listen to Eminem’s Donald Trump diss “Campaign Speech” here.

Who is excited about new Eminem music? When will the rapper release his next album?


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