San Francisco High School Shooting: Manhunt Underway For Four Suspects [Breaking]

Several shots were fired at the June Jordan School for Equity, a San Francisco high school, on Tuesday afternoon. Although students might have thought someone was playing a prank at first, the incident left one girl in critical condition and three others injured. Four male suspects, said to be wearing dark hoodies and jeans, fled the scene and a manhunt is currently underway.

The San Francisco Gate reports that the incident occurred just after 3:20 p.m. The school was placed on lockdown shortly after, and teachers pushed students into classrooms and locked the doors. Authorities began canvassing the area and gathering information, and it appears, according to police, that the incident was not random. One of the teenagers shot, a 15-year-old female, may have been the target.

Three of the four victims, all teenage boys, were taken to San Francisco General Hospital. One of the boys walked into the local police station with a gunshot wound and was taken for a medical checkup. The female victim was also taken to the hospital. According to San Francisco Police Officer Carlos Manfredi, she has critical injuries to her upper body.

“One female victim has life-threatening injuries to her upper torso.”

Brent Andrews, a spokesperson for the hospital, stated that he couldn’t give the names of any of the victims or any details surrounding their injuries, given their ages. However, he did confirm that the female victim is suffering “life-threatening injuries.”

Karwin Sui, a spokesperson for the the San Francisco Unified School District, stated that it’s an isolated incident, and the suspects aren’t likely to target the school again.

“There were four perpetrators who were targeting a particular individual, who suffered injuries and is being cared for. Two other bystanders also suffered injuries.”

As of Wednesday afternoon, police are still searching for the four suspects. FOX News reports that the suspects are probably teenagers, who were last seen running away from the school within minutes of the shooting.

Some of the students who were interviewed after the ordeal described it as “chaos.” They said they weren’t sure where the gun shots were coming from, but they heard around six of them. Some of the kids thought it was merely a prank, and others hid under desks or ran into the nearest classroom.

The school reopened today. Grief counselors and support staff were on hand to help students deal with the situation. The school also added extra security as an added precaution. Many students returned to school shocked and saddened. Heather Lee, a parent of one of the students, said that not only are students grieving, but the ordeal affected the entire community.

“This is a really difficult time for parents at the school. This is a really difficult time for the community. This is a really difficult time for the students.”

Meanwhile, Captain Joe McFadden, of San Francisco Police Department’s Ingleside Station, hopes that the suspects will be caught soon. He said the main concern right now is making sure the parents and students feel safe again.

“Hopefully, we’ll have some closure on this real soon. Our main priority is making sure the parents and the students feel safe.”

Sophomore student, Meili Rubio, is friends with the female victim. Meili said she’s “shocked” over what happened, but she’s doing her best to focus on helping her friend recover from the traumatic incident. She didn’t specify whether she knew of any potential suspects.

“It was shocking. It was very shocking.”

The suspects are not students at June Jordan, a school of only 250 students, but they likely knew the female victim somehow. So far, the motive is unclear. Investigators continue to piece together the details. However, they did indicate that one of the shooters was a 15-year-old, but haven’t yet given any additional details.

Anyone with any information on the high school shooting suspects should call 911 or the San Francisco Police Department immediately.

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