WWE News: Triple H & Stephanie McMahon Collaborating To Create Something Major For Female Superstars

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon often get criticized for stealing the spotlight from full-time WWE superstars or emasculating them when sharing the same stage. But as top-level, on-air characters and behind-the-scenes executives themselves, it’s hard to argue their importance to the product when they do appear in front of the cameras.

Triple H has only made one appearance since dropping the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania, while Stephanie has assumed her role as the commissioner of Monday Night RAW, overseeing the decisions made by the GM she appointed, Mick Foley.

Triple H and Stephanie continue to assume more and more responsibilities within the WWE, and with it more power, as the presumed successors for Vince McMahon whenever he finally decides to hand over the keys to his kingdom. Triple H’s impact has been felt primarily in WWE’s developmental system, NXT, while Stephanie continues to advance the WWE brand as a whole from a corporate standpoint.

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The husband and wife pairing, however, are determined to collaborate on an endeavor that will affect the business both in and out of the ring. If you recall earlier this year, reports surfaced that both Triple H and Stephanie were determined to showcase the women in a more unique light, but not necessarily the women on the current roster.

Daily Wrestling News is reporting that Triple H and Stephanie are working hard to create a tournament similar to the Cruiserweight Classic from this past summer, exclusive to female wrestlers. It’s being said that the goal is for the tournament to start in either January or February of 2017. The two are trying to capitalize, both on the success and reception from the CWC, as well as the recent impact made by the women on WWE’s main roster.

There was talk initially of having all the competitors in place and the tournament kicked off before the end of 2016, but internally there was some worry that adding a third “division” of women might be seen as an over-saturation. The idea of the all-female tournament, which has been dubbed the World Women’s Classic, was hatched before the brand split went into effect. So plans were put on hold in part to allow the divisions on RAW and SmackDown Live to establish themselves, but now it appears things are again moving forward.

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For the most part, the only remaining creative elements for Triple H and Stephanie to implement include a prize for the ultimate winner of the WWC, and a long-term purpose for doing it, aside from continuing to showcase female athletes in the WWE. In the case of the CWC, original plans called for the winner simply to receive a trophy and maybe a spot on the NXT roster.

But the brand extension created space on the RAW roster, and that was eventually filled by an entire Cruiserweight Division, and the winner, TJ Perkins, debuted on the flagship show as the Cruiserweight Champion. There are a lot of WWE officials who have expectations that something similar will happen, but that could be more difficult to execute seeing how both RAW and SmackDown have their own unique divisions with champions of their own.

This is just the latest example of Triple H and Stephanie trying to portray the women as equals to their male counterparts. Stephanie was the one that introduced Charlotte, Sasha, and Becky to the WWE Universe, igniting the revolution. And Triple H made history by booking Sasha and Bayley in the main event of an NXT Takeover special.

Next Sunday, more history will be made when Sasha and Charlotte step inside Hell in a Cell in a match for the WWE RAW Women’s Championship. There have been conflicting reports over the last week suggesting that the match will go on last, another sign that the revolution is definitely for real.

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