Tobey Maguire And Sofia Richie Clubbing While Tobey Still Married To Jennifer Meyer? ‘Lots Of Hot Girls’ Around Maguire Post Split

After the shocking news that Tobey Maguire had split with Jennifer Meyer, clubbers wondered if there’d been some cheating going on long before the split.

TMZ reports that Maguire was spotted “getting super close” to Sofia Richie at 1 OAK club in West Hollywood on October 1. That’s several days before Tobey and Jennifer announced their split, and as far as everyone else knew, the two were still together. It sure didn’t look good for Maguire.

18-year-old Richie, who was recently coupled with Cameron Dallas after her split with Justin Bieber, appeared to be happily moving on from Bieber as she and Tobey seemed to get pretty close to cuddling in the crowded club “a few feet away from the dance floor.”


Tobey and Sofia were seen “close to each other,” and Maguire was “leaning closely” with his cheek almost touching Sofia’s as they chatted.

“She seems to be listening carefully.”


The “shocking new photos” really fueled rumors about Tobey’s relationship with his wife as fans wondered exactly what was going on in the Maguire-Meyer marriage. They wanted to know if Jennifer, 39, had any idea her husband was cheating on her with the much younger and super-hot Richie. Tobey’s following started asking, “how old is Tobey Maguire,” after seeing the 41-year-old Spider-Man star with Sofia, who is more than 20 years younger.


It turns out that Tobey and his wife had already decided to split four months before Maguire and Richie were seen together looking cozy. Hollywood Life reports that the two reached their decision and actually separated in June 2016, but they just hadn’t made the split public yet. The further delay of “weeks before the divorce announcement was made on Tuesday, October 18” kept fans on edge waiting for answers.

Of course, there’s still the question of why Tobey and Jennifer made the choice to breakup, and whether the actor’s clubbing habit had anything to do with the split. A Maguire insider spoke to Page Six about the way Tobey’s been out partying with bromance pal Leonardo DiCaprio. He’s been seen out a lot in the last few months, and it’s hard to tell if Maguire’s habit of hanging out with “lots of hot girls” was a cause or a result of his split with Meyer.

“Tobey was out in LA at all these hot spots. . . It looked like he was following in [supermodel maven] Leo’s footsteps. . . Tobey hasn’t been known to date those types of girls in the past. But he has been all over LA lately. It looks like Leo’s rubbed off on him.”


Tobey sources are telling reporters that Maguire’s “not dating anyone in particular” and is just out for a good time with his pal DiCaprio after being stuck in the 13-year relationship with Meyer. Tobey’s ready for some fun, and for the night of October 1, Sofia Richie was the one for him. 1 OAK is a Leonardo fave night spot, and Maguire’s been spotted there a lot lately, with or without DiCaprio. Some people can’t help joking that the long-standing friendship between Maguire and DiCaprio is the reason for his split with Meyer.


Maguire’s also been seen at other hotspots and trendy clubs, including a night out with actor Shane Powers on October 14. The two hit “supper club Delilah” and were surrounded by hot women, but a Tobey insider said that Maguire was mostly focused on enjoying time with the guys.

“Tobey seemed fine. He was just enjoying being out with guy friends.”

What do you think? Will Maguire start heading to more clubs and dating young women like Sofia Richie, or is he just letting off some steam after the break-up with his wife, Jennifer Meyer?

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