Idris Elba Could Be The Next James Bond, And Why He’d Also Love To Do A Rom-Com

Idris Elba is one of the most recent and popular contenders to play James Bond, the suave fictional British spy, who has charmed his fans across generations. Idris Elba may not be Caucasian like the actors who have previously taken on the prestigious role, but he undoubtedly exercises an influence that is very similar to the one that the fictional spy had over his fans.

More than his adventurous spirit and his style, the fictional James Bond has had a profound impact on modern popular culture ever since he was created by author Ian Fleming. Moreover, the movies in the James Bond film series have underlying messages, themes, and ideas that address present-day political imbroglios.

Idris Elba has already proven himself to be an influential actor by playing heroic roles like Nelson Mandela, Stacker Pentecost, Captain Janek, and Heimdall, in movies like Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, Pacific Rim, Prometheus, and Thor respectively. Additionally, Idris Elba has been earlier compared to James Bond when he perfectly played the role of an American spy in the 2016 espionage thriller Bastille Day. Polygon reports that Idris will be featuring in The Dark Tower, an upcoming movie based on the Stephen King series of novels, in which the actor will be playing the lead role of a gunslinger who is on his way to a magical edifice that will stop the world’s destruction.

More Recently, Idris Elba revealed his adventurous side once again after he decided to embark on a grueling journey to fulfill his long-cherished dream of becoming a kickboxer. Earlier, the Luther actor had flaunted his car racing skills when he featured in Discovery Channel’s Idris Elba: No Limits. Again, the actor has collaborated with Discovery Networks to feature in Idris Elba: Fighter, an upcoming television program that will highlight Idris’s kickboxing training.

Even though it is clear that Idris Elba has the charisma to play the next 007, the actor seems more enthusiastic about using his celebrity status to encourage and motivate his fans to get out of their comfort zones and achieve their dreams. According to D’Marge, Idris Elba spoke about the effective way by which celebrities can leverage their “star power” to influence their fans.

“It [stardom] can affect you is by going, ‘Oh, you’re looking at me? Cool. How about I influence you to do something you’ve never done before. Check me out doing this and now influence yourself.”

Idris Elba is often perceived as a serious personality due to the charismatic and serious roles that he plays in movies. However, in reality, the actor who immortalized the role of John Luther in BBC’s Luther, is a pleasant and laid back celebrity who loves to reveal the playful side of his personality. Recently, Idris Elba had fun at the Australian radio studio of KISS 106.5 when he surprised a blindfolded Jackie “O” Henderson, the host of a popular radio show, by appearing as a mystery guest at the behest of Kyle Sandilands, Jackie’s co-host. The Daily Mail reports that Jackie O was so thrilled to see her favorite actor after removing her blindfold that she could not hold back her emotions or her tears.

Watch it all play out here.

Idris Elba’s surprise visit comes at the time when he is filming for Thor: Ragnarok in Australia. And when he is not busy keeping up with his film schedule, the Luther actor loves to entertain audiences by playing a DJ in Australia’s popular clubs. According to the Daily Telegraph, Idris Elba has also expressed his desire to play funny characters that are quite different from the grim characters he usually portrays.

“I never play anyone that makes anyone laugh. It is always quite grumpy characters, so I wouldn’t mind having a bit of a laugh and maybe a bit of romance to spread it about a bit.”

[Featured Image by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images]