Katherine Heigl Laughs About Pregnancy Cravings And ‘Baby Brain’: ‘I Feel Absolutely No Responsibility For My Behavior’

Katherine Heigl has revealed that her pregnancy has allowed her to feel absolutely no responsibility for her behavior, according to ET Online. The 37-year-old former Grey’s Anatomy star also shared what her pregnancy cravings are and how she is dealing with them.

In her recent interview with ET Online, Katherine Heigl complained that she is having a little trouble memorizing the legal terminology for her new drama, Doubt, but that’s the result of the “pregnancy brain.”

“Usually I’m pretty good at memorizing. I can do that pretty quickly. It’s like the only thing I’ve got.”

And Katherine Heigl, who doesn’t have biological kids of her own (yet) at the age of 37, even though she and husband Josh Kelley adopted two girls, was quite surprised when she realized pregnancy would worsen her brain’s abilities.

“So it’s really been eye-opening to me to struggle with that.”

But that’s not the only thing that is on Katherine Heigl’s mind. The Knocked Up actress is also dealing with pregnancy cravings. In fact, the actress joked that she puts the blame for constantly craving sweets on her baby!

“It’s lovely actually because I feel absolutely no responsibility for my behavior at all. It’s great.”

Katherine Heigl, who is due to give birth in January, 2017, revealed that she is trying “really hard” to stop eating junk food and that she has even adopted a new rule that will either fail or work. That rule allows the actress to eat just one doughnut a week.

“Just have one and then stop thinking about it.”

The place where Katherine Heigl thinks about junk food the most is when she is on set. That’s because junk food is all around on set and it makes the 37-year-old actress feel like she is going to go crazy.

“But on set, [there is] a plethora of donuts in really pretty pink boxes and I can’t stop thinking about them.”

Since Katherine Heigl’s Doubt character is not pregnant, the production crew had to come up with creative ways to hide her growing baby bump. The actress also shared how is it like shooting scenes with objects that block the view and viewers can’t really see what’s going on below Heigl’s chest.

“They were like, ‘Katie, would you mind taking a small step to your right?’ And I looked down and this lamp was right there. That’s clever.”

Doubt is a new mid-season CBS show that also stars Laverne Cox, Dule Hill, Steven Pasquale and Elliot Gould.

In other news, it appears that Katherine Heigl’s adopted daughter, Nancy Leigh, may follow in her mom’s footsteps, according to Yahoo News. Heigl’s husband, Josh Kelley, recently shared a sweet Instagram photo of their daughter holding up a list of her dream jobs.

The list includes four dream jobs: singer, actor, doctor and horseback rider. And while it’s clear that Nancy was inspired by her mom Katherine Heigl’s acting career to become an actress, and while her dad Kelley’s career made her think of becoming a singer, a doctor’s career path could even have been inspired by Heigl’s role in the medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy.

Katherine Heigl’s daughter titled her list “Four things that I would be when I grow up,” and for each dream job she had a unique drawing. On one of the drawings, Nancy drew herself singing onstage in front of a crowd, while in another one she is seen acting out a scene for a TV show. The two remaining drawings include Nancy treating patients in a hospital and galloping away on a horse.

Katherine Heigl and Kelley adopted Nancy from South Korea in September 2009, when she was only 9 months old. Three years later, they adopted Adalaide Marie Hope, who is now 4 years old.

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