Katie Holmes Stuns Makeup-Free Amid $5 Million Divorce Rumors And Foxx News, Rumors And Reality

Katie Holmes has no problem demonstrating that she is still a stunner who looks not a day older than she was when the beloved teen series, Dawson’s Creek, left our television screens. Whether walking the red carpet in her designer wear and immaculately done hair and makeup, or makeup free, running errands in basic denim alongside her adorable daughter Suri, Holmes is a complete stunner.

These days, the beauty has been at the heart of some rumors, not only involving her former relationship and divorce from Jack Reacher star, Tom Cruise, but also regarding an alleged “secret romance” between her and Django Unchained star Jamie Foxx. The rumors continue to churn out about Holmes and Foxx, yet the main topic that is making headlines has to do with the amount attached to her divorce from Cruise. Yes, the divorce may have been finalized years ago, but it seems discoveries continue to be made about the agreement between the former couple, that is if there is truth to the claims. It’s been reported that the divorce came at a price tag of $5 million.

The settlement between Katie and Tom also is rumored to be linked to the reason that Katie and Jamie are not willing, or perhaps not able, to go public with their romance, seeing as there have been reports that there were strict agreements that saw to it that Katie would not have the freedom to be in a relationship for some time. Headlines & Global News relays apparent details regarding this.

“According to recent reports, Katie Holmes is banned from dating another man in public because of a certain divorce settlement with her ex-husband, Tom Cruise. In her rush to get a quick divorce from Cruise, Holmes agreed to a clause that prevented her from dating another man in public for five years after the divorce and embarrassing Cruise in any way. She was also prohibited from talking about him or his affiliation to Scientology. A source close to the couple revealed that while Holmes is allowed to date anyone she likes, she is not allowed to do so publicly and never allow another man near their daughter, Suri Cruise.”

Although it all sounds a bit far-fetched, sources behind the rumors indicate that what makes it all believable is the fact that Katie was “desperate” to get out of her marriage to Tom and at the time was not keen on dating, so was willing to agree to the terms. She also accepted a settlement of $4.8 million in child support as well as an additional $5 million for herself. Sources share that if Holmes does declare her relationship with Foxx, she would be in violation of the divorce agreement.

Although both Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes continue to deny a romantic relationship, they have been spotted together recently while Foxx appeared as a guest at Barbra Streisand’s concert. The pair reportedly hung out backstage for quite some time, yet left separately, so not to draw more attention, sources share.

Katie was most recently spotted solo, out and about in Los Angeles while sporting that fresh-faced look and donning double-denim duds. The star resides part time in Los Angeles and spends a good deal of time in Manhattan, as well. Although the star is likely happy to gain the settlement amount she acquired from her divorce, she is keeping busy making her own money and supporting her daughter, now 10. The Daily Mail shares about Holmes’ most recent roles, showing that she is becoming more versatile as she matures in the business.

“Katie can next be seen on the big screen in the comedy Coup D’etat due out in 2017. She’ll also be reprising her role of Jacqueline Kennedy in the 2017 miniseries The Kennedys: After Camelot. Katie also is an executive producer of the Reelz Channel miniseries and directed one episode. The Kennedys: After Camelot – which also stars Matthew Perry as Ted Kennedy – is expected out in early 2017.”

[Feature Image by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Cartier]