‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Curtis Cracks The Case — Who Wanted Julian Dead?

General Hospital spoilers are teasing that the car bomb mystery isn’t what it seems. Everyone is stuck on Sonny (Maurice Benard) being responsible for Morgan’s (Bryan Craig) death but that may not be the case. Julian (William deVry) was supposed to die when that bomb exploded and there is someone walking around Port Charles who knows what happened. The writers have promised this may not be as it seems and that leads to the assumption that Sonny isn’t the one behind the bomb in the car. If he didn’t order the hit that killed his son by accident, then who did?

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Julian asked Curtis (Donnell Turner) to investigate what happened with the car bomb and to uncover who was responsible for it. He believes that he will find out Sonny had his associate plant the bomb but General Hospital spoilers indicate that is not how it will go down. Curtis is an expert detective and he is going to crack the case. Rumors have circulated that he may take the commissioner job. It appears that may not be the case right away but could happen in the future.

There are several theories out there about who planted that bomb in Julian’s car. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, General Hospital spoilers confirm that Curtis will crack the case but Julian may not like the answer he gets. The suspects are quite obvious to viewers. Sonny is the main person of interest but that would be too easy. He called off the hit and now his guy is nowhere to be found. Is it a coincidence or did the bomb come from him? If that’s the case, he knows it killed Sonny’s son and his life is now over. Hiding is his best option.

Some are saying Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) may be behind the bomb. After all, she lost everything because she trusted Julian. There has been a lot of drinking going on but as crazy and out of it as it makes her, putting a hit out on her husband isn’t typical Alexis. General Hospital spoilers indicate that something will happen as a result of her drinking but this isn’t it. She may have wanted him gone but dead would be a stretch even after everything he did to her. Sam (Kelly Monaco) has been mentioned as well. She has been too busy focusing on keeping Jason (Billy Miller) out of the business that doing anything to her father probably never crossed her mind. With a new baby on the way, Sam is focused on a calm life for her children.

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Another possibility that has been overlooked is Ava (Maura West). She is an opportunist. In fact, her reaction to Morgan being gone because of the bomb in Julian’s car was very dramatic. Ava desperately wants her daughter back and with Sonny locked up for murder, she would easily get that. General Hospital fans watched as she switched Morgan’s pills for placebos in order for Kiki (Hayley Erin) to end things with him. Could she have hired someone to place the bomb in Julian’s car to make it look like Sonny did it? Her relationship with her brother isn’t solid and without him, things would remain in her control as far as the Jerome family goes. This just may be the surprise everyone will get as November sweeps take hold of General Hospital.

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The General Hospital writers had to think quick when Bryan Craig asked to end his contract early. He won an Emmy for his performance as Morgan Corinthos but decided he wanted to pursue other ventures. This storyline is one that will keep fans guessing and if the General Hospital spoilers are correct, it could be one of the better ones written in recent years.

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