Hillary Clinton's Massive Secret Service Security Breach Exposed; Reporter's Broke In Undetected

Undercover reporters were able to bust into Hillary Clinton's compound completely undetected, exposing a major Secret Service security breach. How did the terrifying flaw in security go unnoticed?

In the time that the undercover reporters broke into the Clinton compound, they could have easily planted a bomb or some other explosive device on the property.

According to Radar Online, James Robertson and Douglas Montero pretty much walked right past two Secret Service agents without being stopped and picked up Hillary's trash. All the while, Secretary Clinton was supposedly inside of her $5.6 million mansion in Washington D.C.

Pictures were taken on October 5 showing an embarrassing scene of junk food trash scattered around. Despite being promised protection by Secret Service, the potential new leader of the free world was left exposed in a potentially dangerous security breach.

Hillary is lucky that it was just some reporters looking for dirt on the presidential nominee, rather than someone with a much more dangerous agenda.

The reporters recovered Chipotle receipts, candy wrappers, and soda bottles. They also found a bunch of suspicious looking surgical gloves, which could potentially be evidence of the 68-year-old's health woes.

Radar reported that Clinton's longtime physician, Dr. Lisa Bardack, has previously said that Secretary Clinton has been maintaining a well-balanced diet for her health.

"She [Hillary Clinton] eats a diet rich in lean protein, vegetables and fruits."
The fast food wrappers could be proof that Clinton has not been sticking to her meal plan, which is reportedly the reason why she packed on 103 pounds during her campaign.


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The incident is a chilling reminder that our nation's potential leader could very well be targeted by ISIS in a terror attack. Now is certainly not the time to take any chances with security measures.

"During the 27-minute operation, I could have taken a 'bomb' if I had one, and placed it in Hillary's trash — without question!"
Robertson and Montero were able to drive right up to the Clinton's Whitehaven mansion. They grabbed trash from a curbside dumpster and went along their merry way, unchallenged by surrounding law enforcement.
"It could have been a deadly suicide mission for me — and for Hillary. If I had terrorist connections, I could have been bringing in explosives, chemicals — anything at all. It's a massive security embarrassment."
Former U.S. Secret Service agent John A. Carman was shown the evidence of the security breach.
"This is a colossal mistake that could end up with big changes in the Clintons' security detail."
Shockingly, Radar reporters returned to Hillary's compound property twice more without being questioned.
"An enemy agent could have easily placed a bomb under the SUV that carries Secretary Clinton and her security detail! Who needs a computer hacker to sway the election when a tragedy like this could have occurred?

"Taxpayers should be furious that their money is squandered while the Clintons are left vulnerable. There is really no excuse for this breach."

More agents were reportedly inside of the mansion and were presumably monitoring the compound's exterior via security cameras. When the reporters returned for the third time, the dumpster bins had finally been removed from the curb.Each year our government spends $1.8 billion on the Secret Service. Its 4,400 agents are assigned to protect the nation's top elected leaders, former presidents, and visiting foreign dignitaries.[Featured Image by Mark Makela/Stringer/Getty Images]