The ‘Treasure Quest: Snake Island’ Team Resumes The Search For Incan Gold

According to the Wrap, the elite team of treasure hunters on Treasure Quest: Snake Island will be heading for the treacherous Paraguayan jungle after solving an important clue on a deadly island in Brazil. At the end of last season on Treasure Quest: Snake Island, they were confident they knew exactly where to search this time around, and plan to go all out in their search for the legendary treasure. A sneak-peek clip reveals that the team finds what looks like an artifact identified as a ceremonial tumi, and they believe it could be part of the Treasure of the Trinity, which is worth almost $400 million.

For 500 years, many treasure hunters have searched, fought, and died for the elusive bounty of the Treasure Of The Trinity. The team followed a new theory last season about where the Incan treasure might be located, and they traveled to the island of Queimada Grande, better known as Snake Island. The search is particularly dangerous because the island is home to the golden lancehead viper, and the Treasure Quest: Snake Island team had to watch every move they made. This is one of the deadliest snakes in the world, and a bite from this endangered species could result in an agonizing death.


This season on Treasure Quest: Snake Island, they have traveled into the deepest recesses of the South American mainland in the hopes that the elusive Incan treasure is now within their grasp. The Treasure Quest: Snake Island expedition will face a different set of challenges this time as they struggle to survive the harsh terrain of the Atlantic Forest and the dangerous waters of the Parana River. There is also an abundance of deadly flora and fauna to contend with, including jaguars, pit vipers, and venomous insects on land, while caiman and piranhas inhabit the treacherous water.

As the determined Treasure Quest: Snake Island group is pushed to their emotional and physical limits, team members begin to wonder if the treasure could be cursed due to its tangled and bloody history. The Jesuits and Guarani were both custodians of the original loot throughout the 1700s, and they were continuously relocating the valuable cache of Incan relics and gold. To solve important historical clues on this season of Treasure Quest: Snake Island, the team will utilize cutting-edge treasure hunting tools, design ingenious contraptions, and gather valuable local intel. As they follow an ancient trail that leads them ever deeper into the most remote, uncharted, and dangerous areas of South America, the odds of finding the treasure rises, but the team’s chances of emerging from the mission unscathed quickly drops.


For those unfamiliar with the Treasure Quest: Snake Island team, Cork Graham is one of the expedition leaders and has dedicated his life to searching for lost treasure. The Futon Critic shared that when he was 18, Cork was part of a covert search for the the treasure of Captain Kidd off the coast of Vietnam, but he was captured and accused of being a spy. Now he is focused on the Treasure of the Trinity and is determined that this time, he will be successful in retrieving the treasure.

Jeremy Whalen is the other team expedition leader, and his impressive knowledge and experience of South American history made him the logical choice for a leadership role. Although Jeremy is a veteran treasure hunter, the grueling journey to track down the Treasure of the Trinity has become one of the most challenging missions he’s ever faced.

Mehgan Heaney-Grier is the Treasure Quest: Snake Island expedition’s certified dive master, and is also an accomplished free diver. Mehgan works well under pressure and has the experience and confidence to handle anything that may come her way on this new mission. She views the treasure’s historical and archeological significance as more important than whatever monetary value it may hold.

Brett Tutor is classified as a survival expert and happens to be the newest member of the group. He has led adventure missions all the around the world and even though he has no previous treasure-hunting experience, he has officially caught the gold bug. For Brett, being a part of the Treasure Quest: Snake Island team is exciting as he joins one of the most dangerous expeditions he has ever been a part of.

Emilio White is an Argentinian naturalist and environmental educator. He believes the hunt for the Treasure of the Trinity will be a transformative experience for him as he travels to places he never realized existed, and in the process, Emilio will be learning more about his country’s history than ever before.


To cap off the team is boat captain Keith “Cappy” Plaskett, who had a long and illustrious career in the military. Besides his military background, Cappy is knowledgeable about and has a great deal of experience with underwater excavations and archaeology. His innate ability to handle the most treacherous of conditions and his passion for locating and preserving lost antiques were what convinced him to sign up for this dangerous treasure hunt. Last season on Treasure Quest: Snake Island, he also proved that he could stay calm and get the job done even when the threat of pirates, severe storms, and boat problems arose.

Treasure Quest: Snake Island is produced for Discovery Channel by MAK Pictures. Mark Kadin, Will Ehbrecht, and Anuj Majumdar are the executive producers. For the Discovery Channel, the executive producer is Joseph Boyle, with Greg Wolf serving as the associate producer.

Did you watch Treasure Quest: Snake Island last season? Do you think they will find the Treasure of the Trinity? The second season of Treasure Quest: Snake Island premieres on Friday, November 4 at 10 p.m. ET on the Discovery Channel.

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