Joe Gorga Hasn’t Visited Joe Giudice In Prison: Teresa ‘Doesn’t Need Any Help’

Joe Gorga was there for his sister, Teresa Giudice when she had to say goodbye to her husband, Joe Giudice, as he turned himself in back in March. She decided to go with him to the prison and went home to an empty house, where she could just sit and wait for an update from her husband. Gorga called his sister, saying that he would come over the following day, so she didn’t have to be alone, and Teresa’s friends were quick to call her to see how she was doing. Now, Gorga is revealing what he knows about his brother-in-law, who is serving time at Fort Dix.

According to a new Radar Online report, Joe Gorga is now revealing that Joe Giudice is actually doing quite well behind bars. While he hasn’t been to see his brother-in-law, they do speak rather often, and they do get updates once a week when he calls home.

“He’s doing good. Holding the fort down. Working out a lot. Cleansing himself. Coming back to normal,” Joe Gorga revealed this week, according to Radar Online, revealing that he hasn’t gone to visit Giudice in prison since he turned himself in back in March.

And it isn’t personal. Apparently, Giudice has such a big family, and they all want to see him when he’s spending time behind bars. One can imagine that Joe has the same rules as Teresa Giudice, where she only has a limited list of people who can come visit him. It is admirable that Joe Gorga is letting the Giudice family go first before he visits his brother-in-law.

“He has a big family,” Gorga explained, adding, “His mother goes every week. He’s got brothers and sisters. Uncles! There’s like 30 uncles, cousins, it’s insane! We let the immediate family go. And then I’ll go.”


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But just because Gorga doesn’t go see Joe in prison doesn’t mean they don’t have a strong friendship. As it turns out, Joe has access to the phone, email, and other means of communication, so he makes sure that he reaches out to his family at least once a week. And now that Teresa is spending time with Joe Gorga and his family, Giudice actually calls the Gorga residence on Sundays.

“We email,” he said, adding, “We talk. We call. Every time [Teresa] is at my house eating dinner on a Sunday, he calls in.”

While Teresa’s husband is working on himself in prison, Joe Gorga is spending more time with his sister and his nieces. It’s not that Giudice was keeping his daughters away from the Gorga family before he went to prison, but his being away has brought everyone closer together. And it sounds like Joe enjoys the extra time with Gia, Gabriella, Milania and Audriana. But his sister doesn’t need extra help, even though she’s working on her business, working to make money, and taking care of her four daughters.

“She has it down pat. She doesn’t need any help believe it or not. And the girls fend for themselves,” Joe Gorga explains about his sister, Teresa, adding, “They’re mature girls. So we’re good. She’s good!”

It’s awesome to see that such a heartbreaking situation could bring a family together. Even though Giudice is in prison for several years to come, it is awesome to see that Teresa’s brother and his family are rallying around her for support. Plus, it is awesome that they are getting along and putting past issues behind them, as they focus on what really matters to them, which is their family.

What do you think of Joe Gorga putting the Giudice family before himself?

[Featured Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Mohegan Sun]