New York Giants Vs. Los Angeles Rams: 5 Bold Predictions For NFL Week 7

The New York Giants and Los Angeles Rams will be in London on Sunday, as the NFL hosts a game across the pond for the second time this season. Without knowing it, the NFL has sent two teams to London that have been among the hardest in the league to figure out this season.

New York’s season has been a bit of a rollercoaster through the first six weeks, as the Giants have won impressively at times, but have also suffered a three-game losing streak. Even within a single game, the Giants have endured plenty of highs and lows, so you never sure what team is going to show up from one drive to the next, let alone one game to the next.

The Rams, meanwhile, have looked great some weeks, only to look like a train wreck in other weeks. In their first season back in Los Angeles, the Rams have been involved in both offensive slugfests and defensive struggles. Like the Giants, they have been next to impossible to figure out. Nevertheless, here are five bold predictions for Sunday’s game in London between the Giants and Rams.

Todd Gurley Finally Rushes For 100 Yards

Todd Gurley running the ball for the Los Angeles Rams.

After an impressive rookie campaign for the Rams last season, Gurley has been slow to get going in 2016. It’s not entirely his fault, as opposing defenses haven’t exactly given a lot of respect to the Los Angeles passing attack, allowing them to focus their efforts on stopping Gurley. However, in London, he’ll finally be able to breakout and have a 100-yard rushing game, as The Whittier Daily News reports the Rams are doing more to make Gurley more effective. New York’s defense has allowed an 80-yard rusher each of the last three weeks, and Gurley will continue that trend, except he’ll break the century-mark on the ground against the Giants.

Eli Manning Throws Three Interceptions

Admittedly, this isn’t the boldest prediction, as Manning is turnover prone. However, he’s yet to have a three-interception game for the Giants this season, so he’s due to have one this week. That doesn’t mean he won’t throw for a lot of yards and a couple touchdowns, but behind Aaron Donald and a strong defensive line, the Rams will put Manning under a lot of pressure. This will force Manning to make some bad decisions and bad throws, which will allow Mark Barron and T.J. McDonald to get some opportunistic interceptions.

Kenny Britt Is Limited To One Catch

Britt was huge for the Rams last week, catching seven passes for 136 yards and two touchdowns, but he’s never been the most consistent playmaker, so this week he’ll disappear completely. New York’s secondary should be good enough to slow down Britt, and Los Angeles quarterback Case Keenum isn’t the most reliable quarterback from week to week, so it’s not hard to imagine him struggling against the Giants and failing to find Britt for more than one catch.

Victor Cruz Has First 100-Yard Receiving Game Since 2014

New York Giants' wide receiver Victor Cruz.

The Giants got a massive game out of Odell Beckham Jr. last week, and so the Rams will naturally focus most of their attention on stopping him this week. That will leave the door open for Cruz to have a big game and eclipse the 100-yard mark for the first time since 2014. After a couple of injury-plagued seasons, Cruz has once again become a reliable target for Manning and a steady contributor for the Giants. CBS News in New York tells us that Cruz is excited to play in London this week, and with so much attention likely to be paid to Beckham, Cruz will become Manning’s preferred target and have a big game.

New York Giants Win Shootout 38-34

The Giants and Rams are both frustrating and hard to figure out, but for some reason, this game feels like it’ll be a shootout. Even if he throws a few interceptions, Manning will create some big plays in the passing game, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the Giants benefit from a big play on special teams. Meanwhile, Gurley’s running and the turnovers forced by the Los Angeles defense will put the Rams in a position to score points and stay in the game. However, when Keenum gets the ball in the final minutes, he won’t be able to lead the Rams on a game-winning drive against New York’s defense, and the Giants will ultimately prevail 38-34.

[Featured Image by Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images]