Miley Cyrus Has Been Replaced By Gwen Stefani On ‘The Voice’ Season 12, Was Blake Shelton Responsible?

Miley Cyrus is going to be replaced by Gwen Stefani on the upcoming Season 12 of The Voice and a new report claims producers didn’t have much of a choice when it came to making the casting decision.

Ahead of Season 11 of the NBC singing competition, Blake Shelton was said to have been fairly upset that Miley Cyrus had been cast on the show. However, on Tuesday morning, Shelton was quite excited about the announcement of Cyrus’ Season 12 replacement, who just so happens to be his girlfriend of about one year, Gwen Stefani.

“Blake made it clear to the producers that he wanted Gwen by his side for the upcoming season. It almost seemed like if she did not return then neither would he!” a source explained to Radar Online on October 18.

Prior to Miley Cyrus’ Season 11 addition, Stefani and her fellow coach, Christina Aguilera, had been alternating seasons on the show. However, before Season 11 began airing, it was revealed that the show would be getting two new faces, Cyrus and Alicia Keys. Meanwhile, neither Stefani nor Aguilera would be seen.

Although fans didn’t know what to expect after two women began appearing on the show for the first time, it looks like producers have reverted back to their old casting habits by bringing Stefani back for Season 12. In fact, the insider claimed the decision “was kind of a no-brainer for producers.”

“[Miley Cyrus] did bring in a younger audience but she did not generate the kind of buzz that Gwen did by being on the show with Blake,” the insider said. “Miley did not get along with the cast and the crew as well, either.”

Since earlier this year, when The Voice Season 11 first went into production, Miley Cyrus was tied to rumors claiming she and Adam Levine were involved in an ugly behind-the-scenes feud. In April, Radar Online shared a report on the singers’ alleged feud, revealing that Levine was completely “annoyed” by “loud-mouth” Cyrus.

“Adam and Miley were non-stop bickering during their last taping together,” the insider said at the time. “He nitpicks almost every single thing she says. Adam seems to find Miley to be extremely loud-mouthed and absolutely annoying!”

Although Miley Cyrus will not be appearing on The Voice Season 12, she has not been completely removed from the series and will return next year to coach contestants of Season 13. On Twitter, Miley Cyrus announced the news to her fans on October 18 and a short time later, Radar Online’s source explained the producer’s decision.

“They offered Miley the gig for Season 13 because they know it would keep her happy, and that she would not create any drama over being replaced by Gwen,” the source revealed.

Earlier this year, at the time of Radar Online’s first post, it was revealed that Shelton had allegedly been at odds with Christina Aguilera, who replaced Stefani on the show ahead of Season 10. In turn, it was alleged that Aguilera had enlisted Miley Cyrus to replace Stefani once and for all. That said, Stefani will be back on the show and is likely quite excited to return to the set where she and Shelton first fell in love last year.

To see more of Miley Cyrus and her current co-stars, tune into Season 11 of The Voice airing on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. on NBC.

[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]